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Monday, March 31, 2003

Dreams, et cetera
They say dreams are the result of neuron firings and that without fail we dream every time we sleep. Well, if I don't remember I don't call it dreaming. I call it neuron firings. By that definition I've dreamed every night since New Year's Eve. That's 90 straight nights. I've never dreamed with such consistency.

I've dreamed of professors being disappointed with me. In my dreams I've met Adam Duritz,Yoko Ono and Eminem, among others. I've had two recurring dreams. One occurs in this ever evolving shopping mall. This place is an amalgamation of every shopping center I've ever visited. Parts of it are flooded a few feet deep, yet the stores remain in business. The second is of realizing mid-semester that I am inevitably failing classes I didn't even know I was in.

Sometimes I fly and other times I drown. From time to time I find myself naked in the middle of town looking nervously for clothes. So as far as that all goes I suspect my dreams aren't much different than yours.

Once I dreamed that hundreds of Klansmen were taking over my town and trying to track down and kill me because I had a black friend. Thankfully, that never happened. In ninth grade after hearing a couple sad songs on the subject I dreamed that my father died. That one really upset me. I skipped three days of school and spent them with him. But he didn't die.

Two nights ago I dreamed that my sister and brother-in-law were getting divorced. No reason was given, just that they decided to. Everyone was pretty non-chalant about it and encouraged me to support my sister. I wanted to tell her she was messing her life up. That dream felt like it lasted all night. I cried. This dream hurt as well.

The next day I told Donna about this dream and asked her if she thought they seemed happy together. She wasn't sure, but felt as though they were. It's not that I've any inclination they are unhappy its just that I don't know. The hardest part is that I don't feel like I can ask my own sister. I don't believe this is a sign or vision. The other dreams didn't come true, so it seems that would be the case here as well. That seems logical enough, but not being more sure hurts.

How have your dreams haunted you?

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