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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Your Power Week

When the lights are out, and the world lays dormant,
I think of you.
The dark night is my favorite time of day, and the night’s sky reminds me:
You are my favorite color.

The absence of familiarity is frightening.

Many people fall by the wayside just leaving their streets.
I drive out of my way to the Westbank just to be near you.

But when things are bad, we always find a way to make them worse.
Whether it’s my fear or your insecurities— or because of friends and family—we fail

I can’t help but feel so close to you.

Even when we’re so very far apart, and I mean emotionally, not just physically.
And although we are separated a considerable amount of the time that we have to give

There’s still time for us to redeem the lost daytime cell phone minutes
It’s been such a short time, and I usually wait longer before I make proposals.

If it goes good, that is, better than our past experiences.
Than you and I can work through the stress of bad credit, faith, and racism.

Now, though, the end feels like the best result.
All we have left is you telling me how to get downtown

Perhaps Austin’s city limits will lead your heart closer to Houston.

West Texas was never where I wanted to be,
At the chance you’d be there…I just wanted you near me.
That was always the problem with you and I
I just wanted to get my way

posted by Jeff Watkins at 10:18 AM

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing To Really Complain About

It's been a couple weeks since I last talked about posting. I'm sure something has happened that I could complain about, but at this point, why worry about it? After two years with my Samsung phone, I got an upgrade. I stayed with AT&T and got a Palm Treo 750. With my new phone came a new addition to my bill, an unlimtied PDA data and internet plan. It's nice to check my email anywhere, but I know I'll get tired of paying the $30 extra each month. I got a deal on the phone. The cost was $250 out the door. There was supposed to only be a $50 rebate. However, due to a pricing error, I got an $150 rebate. So I only paid $100 all together. I wanted to compare that to the Blackjack II, but I think I'm happy for this phone for now...and two more years. Here's what the phone looks like.

I feel cooler with my new fancy phone, I do. It's not an iPhone, but that's just too much. I can get more organized with this thing, and I don't need internet to do it. It has Windows Media to boot. Booyeah.


posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:58 PM

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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Cursor's Curse

It's hard to write about my life. I suppose that's the reason for no posts in nearly a month. Not because there isn't enough to tell you about. Rather, what I want to say isn't so easy to convey. I want to write about all things I gripe about with friends and family. And, so, with nothing left to lose other than more friends, this blog will now be my bitch blog. I'm going to write about things that bug me. People, politics, religion, music, et al. No subject is taboo. If the Chinese bother me, I'm going to write about it. If AT&T bothers me today about getting a new phone, you're going to hear about it (and they are too).

No more sacred cows.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 10:58 AM

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