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Thursday, April 29, 2004

This Is My Suicide Note

It's all right to look the other way
Kind of ironic though, if I can be so bold to say

Although, I thought of you as mine
I'm sure there's a better reason for why you picked this time

The convenience to turn your pretty little head
With ease like that, you could cover up the fact that I bled

I'm sure it's something miniscule
After all, you're just now getting use to being cool

Why would I want to be the one to stand in your way?
I bet you wish, "Why couldn't he just be gay"

Because pretending to be something I'm not
Boggles my mind and makes me think about what you thought

I guess that's why I'm up at 5 o'clock
Staring into the barrel of this Glock

Blowing things out of proportion is a crime
Supposing you would actually have to serve all of your time

Forgetting to relate something important like a feeling
Should be illegal like throwing a baby in the air to watch it hit the ceiling

Yeah, sure I agree, this is highly dramatized
No names have been changed; the situation is just satirized

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:36 AM

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Truth about Bryan
I'm sure somewhere in the world exists a country song which says, "I like big hair and I cannot lie." But that really has nothing to do with anything anyway.

I found this grocery list on the ground at Wal-Mart this afternoon. I thought you would enjoy reading it.
Here it is:
Weed Kill
Ant Kill
Drink Mix
Snow Peas

These people are either on some revolutionary new diet or they're blowing something up. I'm really not sure. Either way I don't think Dr. Atkins would approve.

On to the title track. I owe Bryan an apology. I did a dumb thing. It all started when I met this guy on instant messenger a couple of weeks ago. Instantly, I thought he was cool because unlike most people I meet he was a tell-it-like-it-is guy. He wasn't trying to be rude when he told me he thought I was a chump. And in a way, I had to agree. I told him about the site assuming he'd never go. When he did I didn't recognize him because we never shared first names. In any case, it should have made no difference. If I respected his honesty via IM I should have given him the same respect as any random commenter. So, sorry Bryan.

posted by Chase at 7:56 PM

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Monday, April 26, 2004

60 Things in 60 Seconds

1. The other day me and Rich agreed that "blogging is so last summer."
2. I'm going to buy myself a new pack of undershirts and an electric razor soon.
3. Dum-Dums are good, but certainly no replacement for Blow Pops.
4. Don't expect me to call you an artist just because you paint.
5. Today my Current Issues professor told me I look like an "intellectual judge".
6. I could tell Scotty didn't like my sideburns, but I thanked him for noticing anyway.
7. When the sucker is gone it's hard not to eat the little bits of paper.
8. Donna's mom saw the Temptations for my birthday. She said that I enjoyed it.
9. Everyone is slides from underrated to overrated and back again throughout the span of their relationships.
10. You wouldn't like it if I liked your mom so tell your mom to stop liking me.
11. People are basically worthless.
12. I'm supposed to be doing school work, but I told Donna I was going to blog again. She said, "Okay, if you'll buy me a sweet tea at Waffle House." Small price to pay.
13. Smile is the Jayhawks' best album.
14. I'm constantly figuring out what I think are perfect song pairings for a mix cd.
15. I've decided I want to write a book about the last 25 years of rock history. The goal would be to put this into perspective with the first 25 years which have been given enough coverage.
16. I'm obsessively taking my shoes off in public. No one seems to mind.
17. I think it might be more effective if the AA pledge was, "Hi, I'm a lousy drunk."
18. The Late Show has been particularly funny recently. Favorite Spots include, "George W. Bush Pretends to Be Interested" and "Trump or Monkey?"
19. Please tell your mom to stop calling me.
20. Lately, I've bought too many magazines.
21. Sometimes when I am in the computer lab like this and Donna is at a table further back in the room I worry that she is going to come up and strangle me for my laziness.
22. If I must die I pray its not by strangulation.
23. I wonder if I'll ever be kidnapped.
24. I'm not scared of much but bugs freak me out. I've seen a few on my bed over the past couple weeks and have since decided to sleep in sleeping bag and ski mask.
25. And that isn't enough to make me feel secure I remain petrified until I fall to sleep.
26. I blame my friends for most of my problems.
27. I worry that one day wil turn into this thing where you only get half of what you pay for.
28. I never get invited to the company pic-nic.
29. I miss Jed and Jeremy.
30. Some days I feel like my future is a big mess of too many options.
31. It's funny when people assume that just because I'm a jerk sometimes they can be one all the time.
32. It's dumb how people make fun of Nascar. It's not the first sport to include a circular track and neither is it the first sport to involve an engine. This kind of thing is popular all over the world and yes, even with non-rednecks.
33. It's dumb to like someone you don't even know based on how tough you think they are.
34. Most people I know have completely lost touch with reason and common sense.
35. "Milli Vanilli told you to blame it on the rain, but if you blame it on the rain tell me what can be gained? If all else fails blame it on me."-BNL
36. One of the coolest things I've ever seen is in Kill Bill...oh sorry don't even want to know if there are ninjas in it.
37. How often is understanding faked?
38. My post-grad plan involves becoming the guy in charge of putting the prizes in cereal.
39. In case anyone cares I'm wearing the same pants I wore last year and they're still loose fitting.
40. Is there really any need to wash our hands before meals. Afterall, we don't have to eat with our bare hands anymore. Silverware anybody.
41. Of course, that would entail washing the silverware.
42. I need to correct my age on the side panel. I've gotten older but then again aren't we always.
43. It's funny, I made up this "assignment" so that I'd have something I could mark off my to do list.
44. As it turns out Donna was kidding about the sweat tea. She's real mad I haven't done any real work.
45. Now, it appears I am going to have to leave this incomplete just like everything else.
46. But no worries I don't expect you've read this far anyway.
47. Goodnight...

posted by Chase at 9:53 PM

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I never dug the coal mine scene.

Who in here is tired of hearing about Jeff's computer problems? I certainly am. It seems like every week he's got some new post up about his obsolete computer. This love affair has gone on since Jeff's boyhood and as the weeks have progressed we've seen a picture unfold that is not unlike a man experiencing the death of a lifelong pet. Wait...It has occured to me that this complaint is not factual. I totally blanked for a minute there. I was thinking of another person in an entirely different scenario. My apologies.

So back to real life. This final semester is wrapping itself up nicely. That's Timewise, granted, but either way it's almost a wrap. I got my cap and gown last week. I noticed something terribly wrong with them: My cap is not the standard cap but instead it is a dunce cap. How could they do this to me? Oh, and it gets worse. I pull out the gown to find a large red capital "F" adorning the chest like the scarlet letter.

Ok so that part wasn't true, but neither is it fiction. Sometimes nightmares are the most concrete thing imaginable. At least for me. This (tentatively) being my last semester every tiny assignment looms like the boogeyman 'neath my bed. "Oh no! *gasping* I have to write a hundred words on God's love? *gasping* Say it ain't so."

Proving I can't handle the outside world,

posted by Chase at 7:02 PM

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

A Loss Of Words

Actually, it's a loss of computer. My PC has a virus or something and is seriously slow and sucking.

That's the reason for nothing as of late.

Also, my email address, rebelyouth4life[at]yahoo[dot]com, has not been working for a few days. I don't know if it will ever work again, so I need everyone I know to comment and give me their email address. I mean, EVERYBODY!

Nothing new. I always work. That's my life.

Maybe I can post a poem soon. I know you like it.

Life's filled up with so many moments that you want to forget. It's hard to try to find the subtle good ones you want to remember. Tomorrow's almost here...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 9:12 PM

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Waffle House Poem On A Napkin # 3

This is poem #3
From the Waffle House, yo
Just two white boys
Trying to fake the flow

These are our thoughts
This early spring morn'
If we weren't here eatin'
We'd be at home shuckin' corn

Jeff's hair is getting long
He fills his mouth with a wrap
I hope my buddy's paying
'Cause I'm all out of cash

Chase must be mistaken
I've got no funds for dontain'
If we don't fine us some money
The W.H. people won't think we're funny

We'll hit 'em back on the 1st
But for now we best be running out the door
Our hunger and thirst must be met
Even if we are poor

Because when I turn 65
I'm still getting a check
Never worked a day in my life
And I never wore spandex

But that's besides the point
And it's none of your business
Your job is to feed the poor
Or they'll die just like the Eurythmics

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:16 AM

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Friday, April 16, 2004

So What If I Dig Black Chicks

I thought by the lack of comments in my post about my affections for an African American lady, nobody really cared. But, by the number of times I've been asked about it, I know that you do wonder about me. Well, here's the newest drama. Actually, let me start by saying that I didn't really have high aspirations of hooking up with her. I just merely enjoyed her personality and decided that so what if we didn't have that much in common (as far as age, race, children, martial history, etc), I wanted to get to know her. Yet, last night, we worked together and I just realized that she's too moody. I don't need someone moody. I bet I'm moody. But she is way too much. Not really, I just realized that because we don't have a lot in common, I can't read her and know what she is thinking and that drives me insane. I have to know when someone says, "I don't want to talk," that means they're either sad, mad, or just don't want to talk. Maybe I'm giving up too fast, but as much as I think older women are attractive, I really would like to be able to take my dates to shows sometimes and I don't think she'd be into hardcore dancing. Maybe I should learn how to booty dance?

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:56 PM

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Because Chase And I Like Vinyl

I was recently looking at a Columbia Records record sleeve from 1969. On one side, it listed new albums they were releasing. On the other, it had a listing of reasons why Records Give You More Of What You Want. Here they are:

The Best For Less. Records give you top quality for less money than any other recorded form.

They Allow Selectivity Of Songs And Tracks. With records it's easy to pick out the songs you want to play, or to play again a particular song or side. All you have to do is lift the tone arm and place it where you want it. You can't do this as easily with anything but a phonograph record.

They're The Top Quality In Sound. Long-playing phonograph records look the same now as when they were introduced in 1948, but there's a world of difference. Countless refinements and developments have been made to perfect the long-playing record's technical excellence and insure the best in sound reproduction and quality available in recorded form.

They'll Give You Hours Of Continuous And Uninterrupted Listening Pleasure. Just stack them up on your automatic changer and relax.

They're Attractive, Informative And Easy To Store. Record albums are never out of place. Because of the aesthetic appeal of the jacket design, they're beautifully at home in any living room or library. They've also got important information on backs--about the artists, about the performances or about the program. And because they're flat and not bulky, you can store hundreds in a minimum of space and still see every title.

If It's In Recorded Form, You Know It'll Be Available On Records. Everything's on long-playing records these days...your favorite artists, shows, comedy, movie sound tracks, concerts, drama, documented history, educational named it. This is not so with any other kind of recording.

They're Your Best Entertainment Buy. Every album is a show in itself. And once you've paid the price of admission, you can hear it over and over.

They Make A Great Gift. Everybody you know loves music. And practically everyone owns a phonograph. Records are a gift that says a lot to the person you're giving them to. And they keep on remembering.

And Remember...It Always Happens First On Records.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:52 AM

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Monday, April 12, 2004

What do you know?
I'm down to 40 some-odd class hours until I graduate. That's about 5 whole weeks. There have been times past when I have contemplated if I deserved my diploma. You know this, I've written about it. Now I say just staying awake for the remaining 40 hours should earn me a certificate or medal of honor or something. I am being completely serious.

In high school I made friends with these people called "burn outs", now I think of myself as a different kind of burn out altogether. 18 years of school will do that for you. If I had spent 18 years in some other area or vocation, like say Waffle House, people would consider me an expert. But, Oh no, Not with school. I'm only about to enter the real world. Supposedly.

Lately, a lot of people ask me what I'm going to do after graduation. I say, "work". I am eager to work because during the tenure of my college career I have had trouble getting a j-o-b. I put in tons of applications. I even made calls and whatnot. Those who have been willing to hire me, for the most part, have required me to work during the day. This, of course, conflicts with my class schedule. As of May 14 this will no longer be an obstacle. I anticipate this with gladness.

Anyway, people ask this question about my plans following graduating and after I say "work" they sometimes say, "You're joining the rest of us." I despise that expression more than any other, particularly coming from the mouths of those who have not been to college. You'll never hear me act like any kind of college education distinguishes a person as a more superior human being. That isn't the point.

The point is that they personally have not experienced this. They seem to be under these assumptions about college. They seem to think of it as a stage before real life really begins. Oh no, They said that with high school. Next thing you know they'll be telling me becoming a parent is "the real world" and then it'll be going to the old folks' home. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but do they know what my today holds? Preposterous. Usually, they don't have much means of discerning how ready or unprepared I am for the next stage of life. Just assumptions that's all.

Life begins at conception, but neither is a baby grown. I won't say I'm all grown up and hold the key to all the mysteries of adulthood, but neither do my parents and their folks didn't either. I can handle tomorrow with what I've learned so far. I have learned to manage calendars and clocks, confrontation and bigger things like grief, apathy, mortality, and feeling divorced from God. Maybe these aren't the biggest, but they are big. No? I don't know how I'll feel about the pain next time it should strike, but by the grace of God I will work through this foes that attempt to vanquish me. I will survive.

I gotta go now, the real world bullies are trying to take my lunch money.

posted by Chase at 8:44 PM

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

My My, Has It Really Been That Long?

Life is so funny. It keeps going on whether you want it to or not. I often wonder why this is so. Then, I remember, God is holding all things together. And then I think, what went on before creation? What did God do? And then... wow, my head hurts.

Funny seeing you here. I apologize for my lack of meaningful thoughts as of late. Since I work full time, I often just desire food and sleep when I come home. The strange thing is, I rarely ever go to sleep at a decent hour. I really ought to work on this. The previous poem posted reflects a lot of my current thoughts. Incidentally, I believe I wrote that in late September/early October. Refrequency is an irony.

This is my weekend off and do I ever have some plans. Actually, only one or two (I have to brag). The first will start with Chase and I going to Tallahassee to Vinyl Fever and some Goodwill's to look for new records to add to our ever increasing collection. That should be fun. If anyone wants to go and reads this before 11AM, call me or Chase. I seriously doubt I will be getting a call.

I mentioned work earlier and I've been doing it A LOT! That feels like all I do. I guess that's because that really is all I do. And it's going good, I suppose. It's stressful as ever, but I really enjoy my coworkers, so that really helps the time go by. I have decided that I will probably work until January 2005 for Laurel Oaks and then I will return to school and start my post-graduate work. That means, I will either venture on over to Louisville, KY or New Orleans, LA. There are schools there that I like. Their Master of Arts programs will be cool. Why not stay closer to home? Well, I've been answering that question since I left.

Speaking of work, there is a gal there who has earned my fancy and attention for the past few weeks. However, you may be shocked as to her disposition. She is a 34 year old, African American divorcee, who has two children. Crazy I am, but it is true. I had a friend tell me I was just desperate, but I don't think that's what it is. She is an amazing person and I really enjoy talking to her and seeing her smile. While I may be just dreaming and this is inevitably not practical, I think this says a lot about my true interests in the opposite sex. Maybe a post will come out of me soon where I indulge you, the reader, what truly matters. Oh yeah, I've done that before. I should be married by now or something.

So, anyway, this is my life now. This is what I do. I'm happy, even though my mediocre tone would allow one to believe otherwise. I am sincerely satisfied with almost every aspect of my life (except sexual and spiritual). Admitting these things doesn't make me an honest person. It does, however, make me try to focus on my stupidity and get over repeating the same dumb things that cause me to hate my own idiocy. You just gotta love progress...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:16 AM

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Friday, April 09, 2004

Hilarity Vs Larceny

Nothing new to say
Something new to fear
Sorry about the things I can't hide
I'm not trying to be insincere

My life is a mystery
Especially for someone like me
The person who lives it out
Character dividing the morality

But you're stuck on philosophy
Viewing the ways people scrutinize
Adversity willed on someone else
It's just your evil way to capitalize

Tales of stories are synonymous
Recalling the thinnest of lives
Situations and chronicles all messed up
Similar to bands that suck, like The Hives

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:28 AM

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Everything I Have in This World, pt. 1
Music. It can seem to be the only thing I care about. It's the only thing I really expend money on. It brings so much pleasure to my life. And, I often think that helping people find music they like could be part of my ministry. I reckon I'm nuts. I've calculated it all out and I could have several thousand albums by the time I die. I think of this as a great inheritance and legacy to leave my future progeny. I understand that this too shall pass and that someday all of this will be in a pile of apocalyptic rubble, but I can't resist. Here's what I got so far...

20 All Time Golden Greats of the Chipmunks
Abba- Greatest Hits Volume 2
Eddy Arnold- Welcome to My World
Chet Atkins- The Most Popular Guitar
Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed- Me and Jerry
The Austin All-Star Sound
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves- The Best of Roger Williams
Bach to Bernstein
Burt Bacharach- Reach Out
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Bad Co.
Joan Baez- The First 10 Years
The Band- Stage Fright
Beatles- The Beatles Second Album
A Hard Day’s Night
Beatles ‘65
Rubber Soul
The Beatles (1968)
The Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Let it Be
The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl
Something New, Something New
Big Bands’ Greatest Hits
Bill Haley’s Comets- We’re Back
Blue Swede- Hooked on a Feeling
Booker T. and the MG’s- The Best of
Bread- The Best of Bread
British Gold
Dave Brubeck’s Greatest Hits
Jackson Browne- Jackson Browne
Hold Out
Running on Empty
Anita Bryant- Little Things Mean Alot
Buck Owens- Big in Vegas
Buck Owens and the Buckaroos- Ruby
Buffalo Springfield- Retrospective: The Best of
Jimmy Buffet- Coconut Telegraph
Hot Water
Somewhere Over China
Carol Burnett- If I Could Write a Song
Vikki Carr- Unforgettable
The Cars- The Cars
Johnny Cash- I Walk the Line
Johnny Cash at San Quentin
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Ring of Fire: The Best of
Ray Charles- Crying Time
Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul
Chicago- Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago III
Chicago V
Chicago VIII
Chicago IX: Greatest Hits
Chicago XI
Chicago 16
Christmas Greetings Volume 3
A Christmas Music Festival
Chuck Berry in Memphis
The Clash- Combat Rock
Joe Cocker’s Greatest Hits
Nat King Cole- The Unforgettable Nat King Cole
Just One of Those Things
The Very Thought of You
Ramblin’ Rose
The Man and His Music
Phil Collins- No Jacket Required
Commodores- All the Greatest Hits
Bill Cosby- Wonderfulness
It’s True! It’s True!
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Chronicle
Jim Croce- You Don’t Mess Around with Jim
I Got a Name
Crosby, Stills, and Nash- Deja Vu
Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall
Sammy Davis Jr.- Now
John Denver’s Greatest Hits
Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan
Freewillin’ Bob Dylan
The Times They are A-Changin’
Another Side of Bob Dylan
Bringing it All Back Home
Highway 61 Revisited
Blonde on Blonde
John Wesley Harding
Eagles- One of These Nights
Faces- A Nod’s as Good as a Wink…To a Blind Horse
The First Family featuring Vaughn Meader
Fleetwood Mac- Fleetwood Mac
Tango in the Night
John Fogerty- Centerfield
Fonzie Favorites
The Fool on the Hill- The Contemporary Sound of Jazz
The Four Tops- Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits Volume 2
Genesis- abacab
Grease Sound Track
The Greatest 64 Motown Original Hits
Guess Who- The Best of the Guess Who
Daryl Hall, John Oates- Rock’n Soul Part 1
George Fredrick Handel- Messiah
Emmylou Harris- Evangeline
Don Henley- The End of the Innocence
Al Hirt- Al’s Place
Huey Lewis and the News- Picture This
Engelbert Humperdinck’s Greatest Hits
Joe Jackson- I’m the Man
Jumpin’ Jive
Waylon Jennings- It’s Only Rock and Roll
The Joe Jackson Band- Beat Crazy
Billy Joel- Piano Man
The Stranger
52nd Street
Glass Houses
Songs in the Attic
The Nylon Curtain
An Innocent Man
Elton John- Reg Strikes Back
Rock of the Westies
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Greatest Hits
Jack Jones- Curtain Time
Katrina and the Waves- Katrina and the Waves
Kingston Trio- The Best of the Kingston Trio
The Kinks- Low Budget
Kris Kristofferson- The Silver Tongued Devil and I
Me and Bobby McGee (formerly entitled Kristofferson)
Brenda Lee- Brenda Lee
John Lennon- Rock ‘n’ Roll
Love Story Sound Track
The Lord of the Rings Sound Track
The Magic of Mantovani
Steve Martin- A Wild and Crazy Guy
“Let’s Get Small”
Comedy is Not Pretty
Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins
Johnny Mathis- Close to You
The Sweetheart Tree
Don McLean- American Pie
Bobby McFerrin- Simple Pleasures
Merry Christmas
Million Seller Hit Songs of the 50’s
Miss Piggy’s Aerobique Exercise Workout Album
Joni Mitchell- Wild Things Run Fast
The Monkees- The Monkees
More of the Monkees
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees
Moody Blues- This is the Moody Blues
Keith Moon- Two Sides of the Moon
My Fair Lady
Arnold Palmer- Personal Golf Instructions from Driver through Putter
Peter Nero- Pure Gold
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma
Sandi Patti- Songs from the Heart
Peter, Paul, and Mary- In the Wind
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers- Damn the Torpedoes
Hard Promises
Long After Dark
Pink Floyd- The Wall
Platters- Super Hits of the Platters
Encore of the Golden Hits
More Encore of the Golden Hits
The Police- Synchronicity
Elvis Presley- Welcome to My World
Prince and the Revolution- Purple Rain
The Princess Bride (Music by Mark Knopfler)
“Puff the Magic Dragon” and Other Songs Children Request
The Rascals- The Rascals Greatest Hits: Time Peace
Lou Rawls- When You Hear Lou, You’ve Heard it All
Helen Reddy- Long Hard Climb
Charlie Rich- Behind Closed Doors
Lionel Richie- Can’t Slow Down
Kenny Rogers- The Gambler
Greatest Hits
Rolling Stones- Exile on Main Street (disc 1 only)
Their Satanic Majesties Request
Romeo and Juliet
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Rush- Moving Pictures
Saturday Night Fever
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Sound Track
Five Great Shakespeare Plays (Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, The Merchant of Venice,
Henry V)
Paul Simon- One-trick Pony
There Goes Rhymin’ Simon
Greatest Hits, Etc.
Simon and Garfunkel- Bridge over Troubled Water
Greatest Hits
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles- Greatest Hits Volume 2
The Tears of a Clown
Snoopy’s Christmas
Sound of Music
Bruce Springsteen- Greetings from Asbury Park
The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle
Born to Run
Darkness on the Edge of Town
The River
Born in the U.S.A.
Tunnel of Love
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band live 1975-85
Billy Squier- Don’t Say No
Steppenwolf Live
Steely Dan- Aja
Pretzel Logic
The Royal Scam
The Steve Miller Band- Greatest Hits 1974-78
Richard Strauss- Also Sprach Zarathustra
The Supremes at the Copa
Sugar Hill Gang- Sugar Hill Gang
James Taylor- JT
One Man Dog
Greatest Hits
Temptations- A Song for You
Pete Townshend- Empty Glass
All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
U2- The Joshua Tree
Vangelis- Chariots of Fire
Joe Walsh- There Goes the Neighborhood
West Side Story
Wings- Venus and Mars
Wild Life
The Who- Tommy
Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy
Who’s Next
Who are You
The Kids are Alright
Join Together
Stevie Wonder- Fulfillingness’ First Finale
Neil Young- Harvest

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Sunday, April 04, 2004


I don’t understand how you can think
You've done something special for me
I can't really comprehend
Why you thought I was expendable
I've been doing this for years
You've just got here
You have no tears or fears
Late nights asking all those silly questions
Trying to compensate for expensive clothes
Act so hard to be ridiculed by your peers
Just another excuse to be included into the masses
A heard of sheep to be excluded
Black is just a color, not an emblem
Leave it to the car companies to prostitute their sales
I'll never judge a person if they paint their nails
For the fashions they explore
Or the way they come through the door
You hate because you fear
The way they don't fit into the mold
First impressions are just presuppositions
You should have learned it from the beginning
That's the thing you could never understand
It's the principle that sets us apart
You aren't capable of dealing with your heart

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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Re: The Beatles

A year and some odd days ago, Chase and I embarked on a plan to change the world. Or else, compile our own favorite Beatles songs into individual, authoritative lists (a seemingly impossible feat for me). After all these days, long drives, listening to the albums more intently, studying the history, purchasing more of their records, my certain pickyness, and genuinely falling in love with the band again, I decided to redo my list. I only looked at my list from a year ago after I had finished composing my new one. I guess this was fun, but I'm really tired now. It's like I said the last time, "I think it's fine that some people don't necessarily like the Beatles. But, please realize and recognize their innovations, influences, and sheer astonishing ability to make great rock and roll." This time, I rounded out the list at 30, and I think you'll see that I'm not too much different, but somewhat, more intrigued by these four guys from Liverpool.

My 30 Favorite Beatles Tunes of all time:

30. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
29. Two of Us
28. I'm Only Sleeping
27. Help!
26. For No One
25. Let It Be
24. Come Together
23. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
22. And I Love Her
21. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
20. Sexy Sadie
19. With A Little Help From My Friends
18. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
17. Good Night
16. Nowhere Man
15. All You Need Is Love
14. Here, There And Everywhere
13. Strawberry Fields Forever
12. Revolution (Single Version)
11. She Loves You
10. Across The Universe
9. In My Life
8. You Never Give Me Your Money
7. The Fool On The Hill
6. We Can Work It Out
5. A Day In The Life
4. The Long and Winding Road
3. Eleanor Rigby
2. If I Fell
1. Yesterday

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