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Thursday, January 31, 2002

For once I was on time for class. I asked Milks what we were supposed to read for the class that followed. It was 35 pages I hadn't read. Since I had yet to miss the class I weighed the option of skipping and going to read. I said the only kink in the plan was that I might run into Dr. Purcell on my way out. I threw my bag on my shoulder and headed out. And in walked the good doctor. As I had told Mike Smith I would I said,"I'm going to get some water." I exited, drank from the fountain and returned. I had heard chuckles from Mike and others upon leaving, now a good handful of people were laughing about it, including Dr. Purcell. He said something like, "It would have been better I hadn't seen him." Don't I know it? I tried to play it off. I said, "I don't mind skipping, but it would have been weird for you to see me leave." At the end of class I carried leftover handouts to him, he quipped,"Glad to have you in class today." I made a perfect score on the quiz we had, but then I lost 35 points because I hadn't read.

posted by Chase at 3:08 PM

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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Well I had a good night last night. By the way, this is Tuesday afternoon in case you were wondering. After an eventful weekend, of which I saw two movies: The Mothman Prophicies and The Count of Monte Cristo, I was quite happy when Monday came around. I feel I should discuss what happened last night. I was on Mikes computer last night (God bless him) and was using AIM and then "poof" Alicia got online. We talked for a long time, and I told her alot of my feelings that I still have. A big part of me is still in love with her, and that explains why I have not really dated anyone since her. I dont really wanna go into all of what was said. But I have been praying about things since last night, and talking to her really made me happy. I hope to see her soon, and I hope all will be well in the end.

posted by Justin at 12:22 PM

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Sunday, January 27, 2002


It's Saturday evening and a bunch of random acts of nothingness compile what will be remembered in my mind as Saturday, January 26, 2002. So, since you'll probably get a different account from Justin, I'll share the events that will indefinitly be known as


You see, for our hopes were filled with high aspirations of numerous adventures and wonders, just waiting for the picking. It all started out when we left Sean's house, but then mid trip down his road on our way to Chipley we said, "Shall we go to Dothan?" This was one of the 1st of expectations for thrill that we ventured on. Then we went to the Hop-In to get gas. It was at this very point that we paid .97 cents for gas... Oh yes and there was much rejoicing. SEAN TANNER was then hungry so we decided to venture on over to the closest and world reknown Waffale House. There was a pretty cute waitress in there (I thought she was). Then she started cussing and she said she liked country music. It was at that point, I knew it would never go anywhere. So, after the wonderfully cooked meal that Sean purchased for the entire crew, we moseyed on over to the ol' Wal Mart. Then we came home. Yeah, I'm all worn out from all the excitment. I empathize with Justin now, we need girls.. haha (What's this we stuff). Anywho, I guess that's it for my weekend update. I just got done talking to a friend that I hadn't talked to since I graduated in 99. That was nice. Well, read on, and laugh hard, but especially at all the more funnier stuff that is posted by everyone else...

Grace and Peace

Jeffery Glen Watkins

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:59 AM

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

I asked Jeff today if he wanted to read a poem about death. He said that he was in a good mood and didn't want to get bummed out. Then I rambled on(not unusual),"death,death,death,death, Grim Reaper, OooH, He;s gonna get you!!!" I'm not pondering death really, it's just an idea that came to me. So don't worry. This is of course, a work in progress. Here it is!

What if tonight
I went out like a light
What if I slept like a baby
And died like an old lady?
What if this was it?
Would I throw a fit?
What if tomorrow
Friends kept all they borrowed
And divided up my things
A feather of my wings
Could be given to each of them
I'll go out on a limb
And say the branch might break
Before I awake
And if your going to cry
There's some Kleenex by
The telephone
I will not die alone
You've all been friends to me
You've never left me lonely
And that's all that matters

posted by Chase at 8:38 PM

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Monday, January 21, 2002

So..... The Website is back in business and yes it seems all the more interesting now to write than ever before in my ENTIRE EXISTANCE! Just to comment on a few things... The story Justin was telling with me and the 4 or 5 year old (Read Down If You Don't Know What I'm Speaking About) is not totally true. She was 14 or 15 and had some wonderfully knitted mittens and I wanted to try them on. So I preceeded to make an offer about purchasing one of the precious items. She refused and said that I could only have them if I would shave my blue head... Well ladies and gentlemen, I am still combing my hair today. In another interesting and totally unrelated news, to clarify to the general public, I have no problems w/ Chase writting poems to girls. We have this little joke/seriousness thing going on where when Chase says "I can't explain myself right now", I saw "Chase, when I was a little boy, my mom told me...." I'll have to tell the story sometime...

Moving On... School is back into full swing and not even being a full week into the new semester I'm already thinking about my career as a bum; begging, panhandling, and trying to get on Welfare (Do you get Socail Security when you turn 65 if you're on welfare?) Never the less, we must continue on to that goal the God has set for us (that almost sounded reformed). Like, I had a quiz in New Testament 202 and I got a 50 on it. Reminescent of my days in highschool I guess. I'm just tired and I feel like all I do is read. This whole being studious thing kinda sux. I actually just started it like 2 semester's ago and I'm actually practicing it this semester. Yay, well I need to read an outline on Colissians and Philemon so I'm gonna dip for now, but not forever.

2 Pac and Jeff Watkins


posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:03 PM

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So here I am again, returning from a long hiatus of not posting a dang thing. Last night we watched CHASING AMY again because my friend Mike had never seen it. He really liked it, or at least that what he told me. Classes started back up again, and I am back in the grind. He and I saw BLACK HAWK DOWN on Saturday, which we both enjoyed. Ive really gotten to respect Ridley Scotts directing. I strongly recommend that movie. Lets see..what else. Wll it looks like I am gonna be doing alot of writing this semester. I have 3 papers I have to do, and I am a little freaked out. But I am sure I will manage. I really wanna do some good papers, I mean not like pulitzer material or anything..but just good. I had this fleeting hope in my had that maybe I would meet a girl here...but I dont think thats gonna happen least this semester. But you guys can pray I find someone I can quit complaining about it. I will try and post something deeper and profound later on...but for with the shallow.

posted by Justin at 2:45 PM

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Friday, January 18, 2002

Here's a poem. I can't explain it right now, sorry Jeff. It's written to a girl I'm friends with. Just saying that to clear any confusion if it was about God.

I don't think
I don't think too straight
Will I sink?
Pulled down by this dead weight

If I keep you around
Will you not let me drown
Your holding up pretty well
I'll go to the bottom
And lay with the shells

Won't you hold me up
Since you are afloat
Won't you hold me up
Or teach me to float

Teach me to make it on my own
To not sink like a stone
When to survive you've got to be gone
I think I'm alive
But is that a lie
If I am alone

posted by Chase at 12:29 PM

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Thursday, January 10, 2002

I was thinking about something this morning. i was at church last night and this little girl was sitting in front of us with her mother. She must have only been like 4 or 5 years old. Anyways, Jeff played with her a little bit, you know gave her five ,that sort of thing. It was a business meeting and so it got a little boring since we were not church members. Well, the girl kept playing with Jeff and smiling. So you could say she made a new friend. And all of this happened in the contents of just a few minutes. I was thinking about the variables that came into play to make the friendship happen. The little girl did not know Jeff's name, and had never seen him before that night. They did not talk anytime before that. Yet there was a connection. Jeff did not have to jump through any hoops to be her friend, all he did was connect to her. I think there was a certian level of innocence on the childs part. She was just being herself and being a kid. I think we as christians and others as well have lost our ability to be childlike. Jesus said we must have the faith of a child before we can come to know Him. Childlike faith is so powerful and yet so overlooked in this day and age. We live in a society that has lost our innocence. We have been corrupted by our own selfish desires. Yet Christ tells us to be childlike. Of course to do that we also have to learn to depend. Because a child cannot be independent, he or she must have someone to take care of them and to guide them. Thats what we have lost, the ability to rely on someone. Thats what Jesus wants to do for us. He wants to take care of us, to give us what we need, and love us. Butwe have to be willingto let Him.

posted by Justin at 10:22 AM

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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Well I have not been able to log on in while, so I bid myself a welcome back! Alot has happened since I have last posted. One is ....well.....Im pregnant! Actually thats not true. But if it were.....think of all the money I would be making! Anyways, back to the important stuff. I am waiting for a call that will let me know if I got hired for a job.. I would be working for a research company doing over the phone surveys. Exciting huh??? Well I am in high hopes that Jeff ,Chase and I will all get hired. Otherwise there could be an incident. Well not much else is going on. Yet.

posted by Justin at 10:17 AM

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Monday, January 07, 2002

Well ,its a dreary monday morning. Rainy day looks like. But so far my week has been good. Lets recap on the weekend: Friday night....watched "Dogma", thats about it. Saturday night...went to Dakotas to meet my friend Leigh (which went well by the way) and then Sunday...went to church and then that evening watched "Batman". So I guess that was pretty eventful for a bunch of broke, single college guys. Anyways church was good (well the music was) I liked the way the service ended. The message was quite lacking. It seemed to much like one of those "bless others and only then will God bless you" sermons. I think he could have taken a different angle on that passage of scripture, but I do not wanna go into my own ideas at this point. Another thing happened at church.....there was a former boss of mine who goes to church there. Well we never saw eye to eye on things at work (by the way..i was right on most things). Anyways she comes up to me after the service and says "Justin Mcleod......what are YOU doing here?" Well dang...I did not know I needed an invite to come to church. I guess my type was not welcome in their establishment. I guess I was unaware that God must have turned over the ownership of HIS church to the congregation. Well I guess I have seen everything. But I am not a fan of big churches anyways. And I am really sick of typical run of the mill southern baptists churches. Im not saying that that church was one, but that conversation with this former boss really bothored me. I guess next time I go (which I doubt will happen) I will send an application first. Who knows...maybe they will let me go in.

posted by Justin at 10:58 AM

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WELL, another sunday has gone by... I wonder what I'll remember about it, do you know? Anywho... I was all tired today and decided to 'hit the hay' (persay) but now I'm wide awake. I hate when that happens. Today was a good day. Didn't do a darn thing. Went to church, decided I'll probably never use my own free will to go back there, just cause, it wasn't all that special to me. Maybe I missed something. I'd go back if Justin asked me to go again. I just figure there is plenty of churches like that to goto in Graceville and why should I waste mine or Justin's gas to go there. Well, sleep has started to kick in so I'll go now. Sorry this one is so short, but what would you expect from a short guy.

w/ love and hatred


posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:33 AM

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Sunday, January 06, 2002

I would like to say HI, to the entirety of our seven person readership and the crew at our area Pic 'n Sav'. I had an alright time tonight. It was neither great nor horrible. I enjoyed great conversation, some that I took part in, and others I couldn't help but feel a part of because the people were so loud. The place was packed with high school preps, who have just as much right to be there but it wasn't the same. There is a such thing as too crowded, unless your the guy at the door. Someone spilled a drink on me right before we left. They were more upset about it than I was. It wasn't much and I didn't even feel it. I thought of the band name, Breaking Twenties, but then realized that it sounds like Matchbox 20. Could it still work? Or how about Broken Jackson or Breaking Jacksons? We're here at Justin's place now. Jeff was watching Trial and Error but now he's ready to leave. He said the movie is depressing him. Wonder what that could mean. Since he's my ride I'm going to go.

posted by Chase at 1:38 AM

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Saturday, January 05, 2002

Well, it almost seems like this is turning into an online journal. Well except for the fact that this is not excatly private. We are off to Dakotas tonight. Well Jeff,Chase, Tr and myself would define "we". Im supposed to be meeting this girl I know, Leigh, and this will be our first face to face meeting. Im a little nervous about that, but we have been chatting alot, and we get along. So we will see how it goes.

posted by Justin at 7:44 PM

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Oh Yeah, just so all the concerned parties at hand will know, my hair turned out quite nice and i feel wierd too... SO... BYE

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:47 PM

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Friday, January 04, 2002

I have been sitting here for over an hour. Jeff has been dyeing his hair. So we are all in hopes that it will turn out good. We went to the mall tonight and hung out. Every time I go to the mall I feel like I am in the middle of a Kevin Smith film. We dont have the great dialogue that " Mallrats" had , but we have fun. We seem to always find something to laugh about. Tonight we were cracking up because TR was quoting this line from dumb and dumber, and so Jeff and I were rolling. Today we watched CHASING AMY and I decided that I really liked it alot. I had seen it before but I appreciated it alot more today. It really made me wanna be in love, but then again so does THE PRINCESS BRIDE, so interpret that however you like. I still find myself cracking up to Jason Lee's lines in chasing amy. " You crazy! Archie is not screwing Mr. Witherby!" ..that was one of my favs. Anyways...we are about to watch "Dogma", which will complete my latest veiwings of all of Kevin Smiths films. So Snoochie Boochies!

posted by Justin at 10:48 PM

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i decided something today. i decided that life was good. of course we all complain about life. we say we want a better job. more friends ,nicer things ect. but we really seem to just close our eyes to the blessings that we have in present time. i mean we are breathing right? God has created us in His image and give us the freedom to make choices and to live this life to the fullest. we need to find the beauty and hapiness that life has to offer and exploit it. the sad fact is, life is monotony. we get up ,we shower ,shave,brush our teeth, go to school, go to work,come back home,get tired ,go to sleep and then wake up and do it again. but in between those times, there are some things that shine through. its simple things like going and hanging out with your friends, going to watch a movie, watching nature and things like that. those are the things we look back on and smile about. thats why we have such an awesome God, because He has allowed us to enjoy these things and to enjoy Him.

posted by Justin at 10:07 AM

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well this is my first post. i admit it seems pointless to post anything right now. i say this for two reasons: the first being that the site is not even done yet. and the second is i am so freaking tired that i dont really know what to write about. tonight a few of us went to pizza hut and then came back and watched "clerks". afterwards we discussed the best and worst kevin smith movies. we all decided that " mallrats" was the best. althought they all have their moments, even "chasing amy". i think silent bob said it best when he said "only one girl will make you lasagna, the rest will only cheat on you"

posted by Justin at 1:23 AM

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