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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Mixtape of Thoughts

I got another ticket today. Jeez. I am an idiot. Let me just tell the city of Melbourne how much I love them and I am looking forward to making those guys $200 richer. No driver's course either, since I took one last September, when I got the last speeding ticket. Three points on my license. Let's see how much my insurance goes up. Seriously, this will cure me of my lead-foot habits. Seriously.

My cousin Andrea had a baby a week ago. Her second child, a precious baby named Phoebe, is doing well. HERE is a slide show that her friend (a photographer) created. Everything is beautiful, except for the random new-age-lofi-trance music that plays in the background.

My Compaq notebook will shut down properly, nor will not start up again either. I have to keep the recovery CD in for it to load, which takes like thirty tries. What does this mean? Blaize? Anyone?

Literally, my Dad has threatened to cut my hair. Like, he is serious. I don't believe that at 25 my opinions on my Beatlesesque haircut are getting him so mad that he feels the need to want to forcefully cut my hair. I have thought about this a lot. It's not just a pride issue. It's his need to control my life. In spite of him, I'm not going to cut it. This is ridiculous. I told my Mom tonight: "He's going to walk in here with some scissors, but he's going to walk out limping." That's right, I'm tough. Whatever.

First it was The Beatles. Then A-Ha. Then The Get Up Kids. Then Further Seems Forever. Now The Juliana Theory. Seriously, bands, if you want me to like you, stick around for a few years after you release amazing albums that change my life!

I have to read five chapters before tomorrow for school. It really shouldn't be such a hassle, but it is.

I miss house-sitting for people who own a jacuzzi. I really do.

This CD is not Radiohead. But it is The Appleseed Cast and I like it.

A quote I read today that I have thought much about:

"If any one note is dropped from the divine harmony of truth the music may be sadly marred."
- Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students

posted by Jeff Watkins at 8:47 PM

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Getting Older, Daily...

I am done house/dog sitting. I made $75 bucks, to boot!

So, I just took an online survey. You know the kind. Where a person enters his or her information, and the survey people promise him or her that he or she is qualified for a drawing of some ridiculous amount of money. Then, one takes the survey he or she was supposedly qualified for only to find that most people who do such a thing have not actually qualified for anything. Still, because one has filled the survey out, that person is now going to be entered into a drawing, but he or she still has to fill out more personal information (as if that makes the odds any greater).

Anyway, the reason I write this is to inform you that I have moved up in the age bracket of surveys. I used to fall between the 18 - 25 bracket. But now, apparently, that's no longer good enough. The 18 - 24 crowd has to be segregated and the 25 year olds (such as myself) have to dwell between the likes of ages 26 - 34. What gives? I was prepared to face such an encounter later on in June. But not this early. Not now.

Yes, I realize that age brackets are an independent, separate and relative operation. I'm just venting about getting old.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:33 PM

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dog/House Sitting

Well, the first night and almost second day of dog and house sitting is over with. So far, it's been pretty great. Having an entire house, large TV, pool, and jacuzzi to myself is, well, fantastic. So the house is great, but the dog... sigh... the dog is troublesome. The Mullins' dog is a puppy, but a very big and untrained one at that (I don't know the breed; I didn't ask). I took him [Copper] for a walk today and he watched part of Wind Talkers with me. It's getting better with him. Seriously, watching someone else's animal(s) proves how much I like the owners as friends. If I don't agree to watch your pet, that pretty much means I can't stand you. Or, I'm just busy.

It is spring break here in Brevard County and I'm loving it. I was asked last moment to work a day camp this week, but I'm thinking about saying no. Truthfully, just because I want to do nothing. I miss taking naps during the day. Oh graduate school, please come back to me!

I guess that's it for an update. Did everyone watch American Idol on Tuesday? When Chris Daughtry sang "Walk The Line" by Johnny Cash I was quite impressed. The 'rock' arrangement wasn't bad either. Chris was true to the original key, which is nice, however, he added his own take on it. I think he sang Johnny better than Joaquin Phoenix did in the movie. Yes, I'm being funny. Is it true? Maybe ;)

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:50 PM

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It Ain't California Without Her

Let's pretend
Or maybe just replay
The memories that surface in my brain

Can we go back
Or just perhaps
Wish some other time were now

You epitomize
Everything there is for me
In sunny California

But the days are colder
The snow has fallen
And you have stopped your long-distance calling

I see your face
Especially those eyes
Whenever I try to hide from life

Your boisterous laughter
Of the things I miss
Even those self-defeating sighs

It's all the moments
That make me feel
What you and I had was something real

But now it's over
You have moved away
All that remain are pictures from yesterday

posted by Jeff Watkins at 5:24 PM

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


I'm back from Orlando and I am tired. It was good to see all of my friends. I enjoyed it. We'll have to do something again soon (Appleseed Cast in Gainsville?). Tomorrow is work, not quite the same amount of fun. But, just five days from now, the kids go on Spring Break, which means I don't have to work for a week! I am looking forward to that. Let's see if I can post more frequently this week than last. Ciao.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 6:51 PM

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Feeling Better

I am feeling better now, but this is getting old. I wake up everyday. I am still congested. I still cough up mucus. I am still tired because of the medicine I'm taking. I will be glad when this is over.

I'm going to Orlando this weekend to see Justin, Jared, and Bethany. It shall be a good time.

A lady asked me to house sit for her, her husband, and three children (and dog) over my spring break. I wonder if I should tell them I don't like animals all that much? Ah, well, I'll do anything for money. (No, I won't do anything for money. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:13 PM

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

America Voted... America, You Are Dumb

Jeez... I cannot believe the only thing I want to write about is American Idol.

I might not be a record producer, but I do have multiple years of experience at singing. Plus, although not individually but with groups, I have competed in a few contests at the high school and collegiate level. In my college choir, I sang in front of over 8,000 people once. The only reason I mention this is to give some credibility to the words you are about to read. With that said, last night's episode annoyed me. Kennek and Gideon were, actually, two of the better singers and should now be in the top twelve. Both had great voices and an incredible range to boot. I'm sad to see them go. Oh well, here's what I think about the elusive top twelve:

Mandisa - Could possibly win. She can sing phenomenally and she appears to have a sweet personality. She sings so well that, unfortunately, the one time she has an off night, she will not continue on because she does not have the "look."

Chris Daughtry - Chris' singing is interesting. He's got a unique quality, but there is something about it that's very typical. It's typical when he sings radio-friendly rock songs. He will go far if he can show that he can sing more than just that crap. Next week, the contestants will sing Stevie Wonder songs. If he can do one soulish, I think my faith in him will be restored.

Melissa McGhee - She will not last because she's just an average singer.

Bucky Covington - Seriously, he appears to be a nice guy, but this show is about two things: sadly image and vocal ability. Both, for him, are rather lackluster. I'm glad an unpretty fellow went on this far, but not when guys like Gideon or Will, who can actually sing, are not voted on.

Kellie Pickler - Gosh... I can't say. Sure, she's cute, but she seems kind of dumb. She can sing fairly well, but unless she does some amazing things, she won't make it.

Elliott Yamin - You would never expect that voice to come out of Elliott's mouth. If he wins, it will be strictly on talent, which is a good thing. He gives off the impression that he 'knows' he's cool and can sing, but that's a turn off for me. What will get him far is just singing those songs that make his voice stand out.

Paris Bennet - Could be the youngest person to win the show. Seriously, she stands a good chance. Her immaturity, though, could be detrimental as well. If she just continues to sing those ballads that show of her range, she will go far. She's not all cute. Does anyone else kind of get annoyed when she talks?

Taylor Hicks - Probably won't win because, as cliche as it sounds, picks the wrong style songs. The songs he's been picking the last two weeks kind of sucks. During his audition, he belted out very soulful and bluesy stuff. That's his niche. He should stick with him. He's delightful to watch.

Katharine McPhee - This girl can sing well. If she does numbers that causes her to stand out, she'll be a contender to win. Oh yeah, I think she's gorgeous.

Kevin Covais - This guy is cool. He can honestly sing. His age and "goofy-white-kid" look are to his downfall. I want him to last, but I'm afraid he'll be out soon.

Lisa Tucker - Another young one with a voice so much bigger than herself. I don't think she has enough star quality to stand out. But a very good singer, nonetheless.

Ace Young - Okay, I get it. He's hot. But did you hear him sing that Michael Jackson song? It was horrible. The only reason he's still in the competition is for the one simple fact: he's good looking. I'm not jealous, no. I do wish I had pretty hair like him though.

Those are my predictions. We'll see how I do.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 8:30 PM

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sick Days

In an effort to use up all of my sick days, I took today off. And actually, I'm sick. I have to go tomorrow, no matter what. Tuesday is the day we take our kids out of the class for CBI (community based instruction). So, yeah, sick days...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 5:49 PM

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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Change Is Gonna Come

So I'm sick. No fun at all. That's what makes work suck more.

This week, I have worked a bunch:

32.5 hours as an Instructor Assistant at Eau Gallie High School
10.5 hours as a Bus Attendant for Brevard County Public Schools
10.0 hours as a companion/respite care for ARC of Brevard
53.0 hours

53 hours worked this week (which doesn't include last Saturday or tomorrow). I should have a car in no time, if I can save my money.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 9:49 PM

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