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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing To Really Complain About

It's been a couple weeks since I last talked about posting. I'm sure something has happened that I could complain about, but at this point, why worry about it? After two years with my Samsung phone, I got an upgrade. I stayed with AT&T and got a Palm Treo 750. With my new phone came a new addition to my bill, an unlimtied PDA data and internet plan. It's nice to check my email anywhere, but I know I'll get tired of paying the $30 extra each month. I got a deal on the phone. The cost was $250 out the door. There was supposed to only be a $50 rebate. However, due to a pricing error, I got an $150 rebate. So I only paid $100 all together. I wanted to compare that to the Blackjack II, but I think I'm happy for this phone for now...and two more years. Here's what the phone looks like.

I feel cooler with my new fancy phone, I do. It's not an iPhone, but that's just too much. I can get more organized with this thing, and I don't need internet to do it. It has Windows Media to boot. Booyeah.


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