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Friday, March 28, 2003

Stayin’ Alive

There aren’t many things that would cause me to quote a Bee Gee’s song in my post, but after my drive back to school on Wednesday, it seems like a pretty good avowal. So, I’m cruising back to school, minding my own business, driving behind a big ol’ mack truck. Now, I know I probably shouldn’t have been following as close as I was, but I was paying really close attention to what was going on. We were going about 75 Mph in the left lane and I noticed three cars beginning to pass us on the right. Well, the first two cars passed the big rig and me successfully, but that darn third car was trailing slowly behind. I could tell that he was going to try to pass the truck, despite spacing differences, and of course he did. Well, I’m playing this out in my head, so I decided to back off a little bit because I know the car is going to try to pass the truck and the truck is going to have to break. What happened next, I could never have predicted. So, all of this is happening. That stupid car tried to get in front of the truck and made the truck have to slam on it’s breaks. But, it was a good thing that I backed off because apparently the car almost sideswiped him or so it looked like, I couldn’t really tell. All I see is the red beak lights coming at me. At that point the truck and what it was hauling began to turn side ways. I thought it was going to jackknife right there. I had to slam on my breaks. At some point, the truck blew out one of his tires and the interstate engulfed in smoke. While I was slamming on my breaks, mine locked up for a second, paralyzing my ability to steer with accuracy. Here I am weaving trying to avoid hitting the truck. I’d like to say that I was slick enough to look on my right side to see if anybody was in the other lane before I swerved, but I can’t say that. I just thank God that he was watching out for me and nobody was in the next lane because I would have hit them. Finally, gaining control of my car, I glide by him still breaking. The guy that was driving the truck must have been the best driver on I-95 that day because not only did he get his truck back under control, but he did it all and pulled off on the side of the road, while taking out a bunch of the those huge cones with the lights on top and not wrecking. I was shaking for so long afterward. That was one of the scariest moments of my life! I prayed before I left, but you can bet I prayed a lot more before that day was over. So, I almost died that day.

I’m now back at school after surviving the drive back up here. I’m dog-sitting for Teresa Tucker and her dog Daive is sleeping over. Yep, I’m having a girl sleep in my bed tonight. She is a dog and her name is Daive and that is really neither here nor there. Daive and I have been hanging out all day, listening to some hardcore and Beatles, and watching movies. We’re watching Jackass right now. Daive was digging the tunes earlier. Tonight, Chase, Donna, and I went to Chipley to eat at the Waffle House. We stopped at McDonalds for shakes afterward and we also stopped so we could use the restroom before making the long twelve-mile trip back to G’ville. While we were in there, Chase was thinking out loud I suppose and said, “I don’t think we’re alone”. Of course there was a guy in the stall next to us. Like I said, we were there to get shakes and I was buying them, so I asked Chase, “What size do you want?” (referring to the shake). Chase remarked something like “Oh my…” Anyway, we left and realized the guy in the stall probably thought we were gay. Out in the lobby, the rest of the employees and that guy were whispering and talking about us, it was really funny. I laughed at them. It didn’t bother me that they thought I was gay. I knew I was coming home to a girl in my bed. That’s it for the past few days, still more fun to come on Spring Break 2003!

“The sun is up, the sky is blue. It's beautiful and so are you.” Dear Prudence by The Beatles from the White Album.

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