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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Late Nights on the ol’ AIM

Tonight, a newly acquired friendship with a special girl named Amber Marie was just the medicine I needed. Amber is Jeremy Cook’s cousin. And while she and I have only known each other for a few months, we have become quite the tight little pair of homiez. Anyway, we were talking about past relationships and things and it struck up a chord within me. I showed her a picture of a girl who is kind of into me or something. Anyway, I was telling her why I’m not into girls like this paticular one. Basically, what I look for in a girl. Here’s the converstion:

JeffyJeffW: the girl all the way to the left with the white shirt one
JeffyJeffW: on*
XloveliesmurderX: aww she’s cute
JeffyJeffW: And while, she's attractive... she shops at abercrombie, likes justin timberlake's solo career, and gets mad at me because I abhor trendyness
JeffyJeffW: she thinks it's cool
XloveliesmurderX: haha
JeffyJeffW: these are the characteristics that annoy me about girls
XloveliesmurderX: i concur
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl to know why the Beatles are the best band; what made them so influential
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl who can appreciate every poem i write about her
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl to love my singing
XloveliesmurderX: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl who likes getting cards from me
XloveliesmurderX: yehhh that’s cute
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl who i could have a conversation about carrots with
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl who wants to work with youth
JeffyJeffW: i want a girl who's not affarid to do what she wants, because she wants to do it
XloveliesmurderX: you should copy and save these things
JeffyJeffW: for what
JeffyJeffW: there in my head :-)
XloveliesmurderX: because sometimes you lose sight
XloveliesmurderX: and you start takin anythin
JeffyJeffW: me
JeffyJeffW: or people
JeffyJeffW: i agree... and i have
JeffyJeffW: but i'm so determined now, i think
XloveliesmurderX: haha good stay that way

There was a point to this, but now I’m not sure. I’m just fed up with girls, dating, and the perpetual hope of finding this love-thing…

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:00 AM


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