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Thursday, December 19, 2002

My Day In A Car

I haven't done much today. Well, I drove home. That's always fun. Let me recap my day:

3:00 AM - Went to bed (after cleaning and packing)
6:00 AM - Got up (packed the car)
8:00 AM - Tried burning a CD (I had to waste at least 5 CDs before I could get it to work)
8:30 AM - Got breakfast
9:00 AM - Returned a tape to Blockbuster and deposited a check in the bank
10:30 AM - Left for Tallahassee
12:30 PM - Finally found my Aunt's new place
1:00 PM - Went to lunch at Sonny's
2:00 PM - Got back to Aunt Marty's apartment
3:00 PM - Left Tallahassee
4:30 PM - Potty break
6:00 PM - Gas (fuel) break
9:00 PM - Finally got home
9:10 PM - Got lectured by my Dad

Words of affirmation is not my Dad's spiritual gift. Matter of fact, I think he sucks at it...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 8:57 PM


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