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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

All The Things Greeting Cards Never Say

“Hey you”

The words she speaks so easily
Makes me feel so… unspeakable
I wander through my speechless phrasing
Trying to grasp a few moments of endless amazement

The red leaves are now falling
And I can feel my heart calling
I write with a pen, I’ve used so many times before
This time it seems to mean something so much more

My sins have left us dry
We can’t stop asking each other why
Small streets help the time to pass
Six more months until freedom at last

Finding the words I’ve always wanted to say
Are not always the easiest to convey
I never knew what a smile was or could be until I found you

“Day two”

These smells of winter’s fragrance
Refine the hope I have to bloom
Living, loving, and learning
I don’t want to leave here without you

You like photographs and I prefer music; we like art
Somehow together it all looks so smart
Right now, I’m feeling blue
It’s because I never get to see you

Confusing feelings have never been so free
To sit up and think about all the shows that portray me
Three times we think about replacing these sobering lines
I don’t know about you,
But I’d like to move on with the times

It’s ok to go
It’s fine to just say no
Why would I try to hold you back
I’d never try to convince you to wear black

Just like my own ambition
I know you have your own mission
I pray that one day our dreams might meet
And spill over into this cup
At least so the stars in our eyes would get to catch up

Joking about the piece of my heart
That you already show few
I’d gladly give the rest of my life just to know you

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:42 AM


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