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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Congratulations To Matt and Tara Portiss

I come back to the blogging world as a very tired lad. Sorry for the lack of everything as of late. Christmas and thereafter wore me out. Today my good friend (probably my best girl friend back home) Tara Howard got married to Matt Portiss. It was a really down to earth and sweet wedding. I can tell they are in love, if that makes sense. My friend, Bethany Dunlap came to my house on Friday and stayed until after the wedding today. She was my date to the wedding and I appreciate her for that. Of course I appreciate her for the wonderful person that she is and the fact that she's my friend. I mean after all, if she hadn't come to the wedding, I'd probably would have sat alone (inside joke). Anyway, if anyone who has ever paid attention to my stories in the past, you will remember that during my 12th grade year in high school, Tara and I dated. Bethany asked me several questions about how I was feeling today, you know, seeing her getting married. I can honestly say I am truly happy for Matt and Tara and I will pray for them in this covenant they've begun. I'm so not so much wedding-feverish as I was when Jeremy and Dallis Gibson got married, but it's a nice feeling. As of late, it feels like everyone I know is getting divorced. So, it's nice to see real, genuine love. My friend Carrie Harden and I had a conversation about marriage tonight. Thus, was the result:

mightycheesegod: why does everyone think they have to get married right now?
mightycheesegod: do you know how many conversations I have had in the past two days
JeffyJeffW: well, maybe some people are in love
mightycheesegod: that involved marriage?
JeffyJeffW: but i'm sure others just want to have sex
mightycheesegod: EVERY SINGLE ONE
mightycheesegod: (not an exaggeration)
JeffyJeffW: well
JeffyJeffW: sex is the biblical aspiration of "two becoming one flesh"
JeffyJeffW: so yes
JeffyJeffW: but, i'm sure some people cannot wait
JeffyJeffW: so they, (no pun intended), jump on the first eligible person that comes along
JeffyJeffW: any thoughts?
mightycheesegod: I think its weird that every single person I talk to lately brings up this subject and I think its foolish that people I went to high school with that are my age think they have any business getting and being married and I think its sad that the whole world is so obsessed with sex that they can't even see straight to what sex actually is and I think that its all seeping into my mind and making me crazy
JeffyJeffW: i understand
mightycheesegod: do you?
JeffyJeffW: yeah
JeffyJeffW: do you think i dont?
mightycheesegod: probably not
JeffyJeffW: explain your position
mightycheesegod: waht do you mean?
mightycheesegod: exacly
mightycheesegod: exactly*
JeffyJeffW: well...
JeffyJeffW: you said, everybody is so focused on sex
JeffyJeffW: i mean, I agree, some people shouldn't get married who do
JeffyJeffW: they are way too young
JeffyJeffW: too immature
JeffyJeffW: and they probably don't know the person well enough
JeffyJeffW: how much do you know about someone for 1 year
JeffyJeffW: i've known my dad 22 years, and I sure as hell don't have him figured out
mightycheesegod: I think most the people that get married have no business doing so
JeffyJeffW: do you have any in mind?
mightycheesegod: sure, lots
JeffyJeffW: any i know
mightycheesegod: I don't think so
JeffyJeffW: gotcha
mightycheesegod: marriage is supposed to be a perfect union. divorce shouldn't even exist. and the fact that it does proves that most people getting married shouldn't be
JeffyJeffW: yeah
JeffyJeffW: it's really depressing
JeffyJeffW: i mean, so many people who've been married like, 10, 20, or eve 30 years
JeffyJeffW: getting divorced
JeffyJeffW: I've lost all hope (almost)
mightycheesegod: I haven't
mightycheesegod: because I'm going to do it right
mightycheesegod: that's all there is to it
mightycheesegod: it worries me, but i don't let it scare me
JeffyJeffW: thats good
JeffyJeffW: and by no offence i mean this, but don't get too cocky
JeffyJeffW: that you're gonna do it right
JeffyJeffW: you may and that'll be rad, but, I'm sure most people don't set out to be divorced and they themselves thought they were doing it, "the right way"
mightycheesegod: the thing is, God cares even more about my husband than I do. If I let him do the working, and if this man, whoever he may be, lets Him do the working, it can't go wrong
JeffyJeffW: oh i agree
mightycheesegod: I don't mean to sound cocky, and if this were any other subject I probably wouldn't make a claim like that
mightycheesegod: but it isn't
mightycheesegod: so I am
JeffyJeffW: its cool
mightycheesegod: its probably the single element of my life here on earth that I can't afford to mess up
JeffyJeffW: well, none are righteous... but grace does abound
mightycheesegod: so I won't
mightycheesegod: mess it up
JeffyJeffW: the way i look at finding a spouse is this:
JeffyJeffW: no matter what i do, if it is Gods will, i mean, if i fart in front of her or treat her like a princess, it'll work out
JeffyJeffW: if we are walking in God's will
mightycheesegod: oooh, I'd have to disagree with that one
mightycheesegod: I think you can easily mess it up
mightycheesegod: that's why you have to be super careful
mightycheesegod: and really in tune to his voice
JeffyJeffW: well, definitely in tune
mightycheesegod: and very patient
JeffyJeffW: i mean, i don't know if there is one person for everyone or if there are several people you could be suited for
mightycheesegod: I think that there's one person God has especially set aside for you. Like his personal gift. But if you ignore that or somehow blow that chance by getting married
mightycheesegod: PREMATURELY
mightycheesegod: to the wrong person
mightycheesegod: God is still able to bless that marriage if you ask him to and make it successful. I believe all things work together for good for those who (actively) love God
mightycheesegod: he can make lemonade out of lemons!
JeffyJeffW: yeah
JeffyJeffW: i dont know'
JeffyJeffW: i havent figured it out and i probably wont ever
JeffyJeffW: i'd like to be able to say the one
JeffyJeffW: but i think if it is God's will, no matter how screwed up I end up or what I do to miss the mark or whatever, he will use it to bring the glory and honor to himself and accomplish his will...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 11:46 PM


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