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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Everyone Call at Midnight

Everyone Call at Midnight

That's commemorate the turning on of our phone Donna and I want everyone to call at midnight. Our number is (615) 445-8704.

Write it down in more than one place. You won't want to forget it.

And just as Jeff so famously asked, please don't call if you're a murderer.

Moving right along. We're settled into our cozy third floor apartment in Nashville. Yes, the moving in was tough but this is the kind of thing I was created for. I was, afterall, built like an ox.

We got there Friday. Saturday they brought the little U-haul up. Sunday we tried a church. And didn't like it. We spent a huindred dollars on groceries. That was fun to carry up. Monday we celebrated Memorial day. Of course. Today we came here to Donna's mom's house to get the insurance check.

Tomorrow we'll look for jobs. Tomorrow because only then will they definetly be able to reach us at the number. Where I'm coming from I felt bound by limited options as far as career is concerned. Here, I'm confounded by a multitude of options. I don't feel so confused, but instead excited.

I've had the thought that our apartment isn't ours because it's rented. I've decided, however, that it's ours as long as we want to pay for it. This will not be a problem. We've got a short-term plan to buy a house. But for now, this is our palace and we absolutely love it.

I feel more confident that moving here was a necessary step in getting what we want out of life. That's because being here makes this life so much more obvious. It's like a color-by-numbers picture.

We get good reception on the TV picking up CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX, WB, UPN, Christian Television Network, TBN, and NBCshop. The radio is good too. There is one record store that we remember how to get to. Every time we get there it's just closed...there hours are 12-8 weekdays. Tomorrow, however, we will get the internet. Thus, alleviating our lack of information. The telephone book will arrive in the mailbox this week. That'll help too.

All in all, it's good to be home. Our address is:
Chase and Donna Livingston
4501 Packard Drive G-13
Nashville, Tennessee 37211

And again, that phone number is (615) 445-8407. I expect to hear from you. Bye now.

posted by Chase at 12:24 PM


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