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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Chewka Cherry Cola

Chewka Cherry Cola

Spending half a day on the road leads to a handful of interesting thoughts and revelations.

Aerosmith is the story of 4 guys who refused to get a "decent" haircut well into their sixeties.
Savage Garden is the nineties version of Hall and Oates. Both groups sing songs about girls but make you wonder, "Are they gay? Are they gay together?"

Oh. I thought there were more. I guess that was it. Nevermind.

We stopped in Alabaster to take pictures of the crash site and the car. I acted like I was a regular CSI, piecing the evidence together to better understand the anatomy of our near-death experience. Apparently, we traveled about a 1/4 mile from the point that we left the road before the trees stopped us. We found mile marker #236, the post of which we had broken, and took it.

At the wrecker I took the rearview and the gas cap off the car. I asked the guy if he had a syphon hose so I could get the gas and put it in the truck. He said he couldn't let me do that for insurance reasons. I say he intends to take it.

We got here in Jackson at 1-something. Ate at Grandma's with the addition of Keith, Larry and Aunt Ree. Sat and chatted afterward. Ripe theological conversation was aplenty. I had things to input but no energy to put them in. Sometimes saying anything seems futile. That is, I don't get much out of or feel very effective in the way of talking but coming to no conclusions. I had a crick-in-the-neck/oncoming migraine so I told Donna I would walk home. She said she'd drive me. Came to "mom's" house and napped until 9 o'clock. Got up. Ate again. Drank sweet Tea. Played Wheel of Fortune on the computer. Blogged. Went back to sleep.

Oh, I guess that part is now.

P.S. Write me an e-mail. I miss you.

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