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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hot Dogs and Hot-Lanta!

We leave this morning for Atlanta. My cousin Todd, who was an usher in my wedding, is getting married. Getting out of this house for a couple days will be good for me.

I just finished off the second of two "really hot" sausage biscuits. So hot my eyes burned. I'm sipping on Dr. K (Kroger brand Dr. Pepper). I'm supposed to be getting directions off mapquest and the number to SallieMae.

My lovely wife is sitting behind me. She is just now having her breakfast after getting our stuff together and whatnot. We see who the responsible one is here. I try to posture myself so as to seem almost through and I pretty much am.

I'd hate to try her patience too much. She's just so nice. "Mom" has gone out for physical therapy. We have to get gone before she returns because who wants to say bye twice.

Last night we had to ask her for Ms. Connie's number. We needed to call her because we bought the truck from her and she is holding a check from us but we have yet to get the check from the insurance company. We told "mom" why we needed the number and specifically that I had told Connie to cash it on Friday. She said discouragingly, "Oh no, it'll be 2 or 3 weeks before we get that check."

I hope to God this is not the case. I mean, the adjuster has already seen the car and said how much we'll get. All that's left now is the check writing. I don't know why people have to be downers. Even still we've got enough money to get two or three weeks. I just would rather have more. I like these kind of issues to be settled.

I got in touch with Ms. Connie. She had no problem waiting and just told us to call when we get the money.

Our clothes have dried. Our suitcase is packed. My lovely wife has finished her uneven half of the chores. I need to do mine.

So until next time, miss us.

P.S. Queen's Greatest Hits is the best thing I own on cassette. Since we only have a cassette player we tend to listen to this a lot.

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