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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Sometimes Presents Aren’t Good Enough

(This is for my friend Melissa Bearden on her 21st birthday)

The light from those candles leads my heart on
Because you can’t just live off of sunrises at dawn
God painted beautiful portraits of life in their own formation
You are one of these without exception

Please don’t argue, there’s not time today
You really don’t have to walk away
I think we can get you to understand this
There isn’t too much that I can’t resist

But, I can’t help it; one is your smile
Another is the way you make me feel
Tomorrow may never come
At least that’s a chance that you’ll be near

You really ought to know
Just how great you are
There are a million things I could wish for
Right now, my desire is for you to walk through this door

I would sit you down and play you a song
Wearing my heart out just so you could see
How much you mean
To everyone in the world, including me

I deal in words and phrases
Not in pictures and sentiments
If this is an illustration of what you mean to me
I hope I painted this well enough so that you can see

You are a beautiful woman
Who has an amazingly kind heart
If I was ever lucky enough to be around you
I would never want to be apart

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:06 PM


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