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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Parents just don't understand.

When I get something right in my life, my folks want all the credit. When I get something wrong I receive all the blame. I'm all about taking responsibility for my actions. Afterall, that's what being growed up is all about. So, I say "Let's Share!"

I'm supposedly an adult which means I get in trouble for my mistakes. But, let's be fair. One of the major tasks we have as adults is to work through all the ways that our wonderful parents managed to screw me up. "Your Bad, My Bad. Let's call it even. Get off my back!"

How is that I have the insight to recognize that once upon a time my parents were new at this living thing and that no one gets it right the first time around? Why am I more forgiving of how they've screwed me up than they are of how I've screwed up?

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