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Friday, February 07, 2003

Your Words Are Better Than Mine

Ripping pages from this stupid journal
Ripping the joy that’s left in my life
I do this to myself

I’ve been reading your letter for days
Trying to find meaning in your subject headings
All my life is blank and void

We used to try so hard
A constant struggle for what we’ve known
Now all that’s left is constant

These are the nights that last so long
I guess I’ve never learned the value of,
“Please come, it will be fun”

They tell us misery loves company
I don’t see the point in despairing
But, I give in just to appease your staring

Imaginations that manifest into reality
Seeing our footprints that are walking in opposite directions
If we fall along the way, let’s not forget the memories

These words could be more than “awkward conversations”
The “awkwardness towards each other” doesn’t have to last
This pain of loss can “lead to hurt” and “avoiding each other”

Yet, it all surfaces and ache doesn’t relinquish
You’re just a girl and I’m just a boy
Confused and trying to find a mutual haven

My anthem is, “I’m trying”
These are the nights that end in,
“I’ve let you down and I’m sorry”

posted by Jeff Watkins at 2:42 AM


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