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Friday, February 07, 2003

Biblicist, Communism, and Forgiveness

The title above is the result(s) of the current day. As I sit and contemplate life’s wonders, I’m reminded of nobility. The need for dignity in your own moral fiber and your ability to let your character present itself without, objection, word, or bias. That’s what truthful conscience is. I made a mix CD for my friend Teresa Tucker today. And thus was the outcome:

Some Songs Worth Driving For
(This order is somewhat correct)

1. Intro- “Reckless” From: Transformers Sound Bite
2. Billy Joel- “Piano Man” From: The Essential Billy Joel
3. Squad Five 0- “I Don’t Want To Change The World,
I Just Want To Change The Mind” From: Self-Titled
4. Blindside- “Pitiful”- From: Silence
5. Simon and Garfunkel- “Sound of Silence” From: Bridge Over Troubled Water
6. Ace Troubleshooter- “Misconceptions” From: S/T
7. Stretch Arm Strong- “Express Yourself” (NWA Cover) From: To Legit For The Pit
8. Pedro The Lion- “Big Trucks” From: It’s Hard To Find A Friend
9. Ramones- “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” From: Rocket To Russia
10. AnBerlin- “Driving” (Demo) From: Blueprints For The Black Market
11. Saves The Day- “Freakish” From: Stay What You Are
12. KJ 52- “Dear Slim” From: Collaborations
13. Unknown- “Amazing Grace” From: Bagpipes and Punk
14. Taking Back Sunday- “You’re So Last Summer” From: Tell All Your Friends
15. Dashboard Confessional- “Living In Your Letters” From: Summer’s Kiss EP
16. Stavesacre- “Island” From: S/T
17. Pink Floyd- “Wish You Were Here” From: Wish You Were Here
18. The Ataris- “Giving Up On Love” From: End Is Forever
19. Aloha- “Protest Song” From: Sugar
20. MxPx- “My Mistake” From: Ten Years and Running
21. The Get Up Kids- “Close To Home” From: Something To Write Home About
22. Death Cab For Cutie- “Sleep Spent” From: Something About Airplanes
23. The Beatles- “Here, There, and Everywhere” From: Revolver

...It’s still Thursday if you haven't gone to sleep yet. No matter what the clock or calendar says...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:06 AM


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