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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Power Lloyd
I wanted to be Power Lloyd. I was going to change my AIM screen name to that this afternoon, but of course it was taken. I tried it with and without a space too, and I don't feel like adding a number to it. Unless there is a significance to the number adding one to the end of a desired screen name seems to say, "Hey, I'm unoriginal!" Of course, we all are. I realize we here at To Whom have talked about getting this place a face lift for a good while now. Uh, I hope we mean it this time. I will be rigging up some of my favorite music links, as well as links for a few film sites, just like our ringmaster told you. As far as me not blogging, I haven't been a very dedicated blogger anywhere in a month. But, I declare to you Febrero is going to be a different story. Besides, despite popular opinion I haven't been the worst "slacker" this site has ever seen. There are those of us out there, *cough, cough*, who have been signed up for months but haven't written the first stinking post. Besides, the word slacker doesn't fit past times and hobbies. That's like saying, "Oh, I haven't played monopoly all week. I'm such a slacker!"

One last thing:
As you may have recognized Power Lloyd is a Say Anything reference. Anyway, remember the scene where he stood at her window holding a boom box over his head? The song, "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel played. Can you imagine if by mistake instead of that song say another one played? Say, he turns the radio on, twists the volume up and with bass and all you hear the words, "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Then we would have a completely different movie, maybe it would have been called, Run That By Me Again.

Goodnight Ghetto Boys and Girls,

posted by Chase at 6:18 PM


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