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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

What Piaget Didn’t Know

You want to be rewarded
For the things you do
But, what’s left for you?
Nothing more than your bitter emptiness

Why try to accomplish all
When you can’t understand
Receiving salvation for nothing
Is that the point to it all?

Conceiving the underestimated
Contradicting mindless ideas
Of scorns of people
Who’ve derived from mental capability

Workings with no faith are dead
Yes, we see the need
To sustain our beliefs
Among these working fields

There you go again
Trying ever so hard
Being something more than you need
What fake and plastic accomplishments

I’m not bragging so
Do I have it figured out?
Never anything more than this
Seeing through my own shallowness

This I think I know
That I care
More and more
I’m losing my painful feelings

Moving on from those
Summer’s love, winter’s chill
Fasting to see it through
Yet, I’m still wasting away

The time on the dial
Looks so good to me
It’s almost over now
Feelings aside all so soon

This pen of my life’s ink
Is slowly drying dim
So as our friendship
Is causing the end

Yes, this one’s for you…

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:50 AM


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