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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Lessons In Counseling

The cool breeze of winter’s nip is leaving
I’m still hot in my sweeter, what’s the meaning?

I always seem to be out looking on the bad
To never know anything other than being sad

Sitting down, conversing with a friend
You walk by me, but show nothing (not even a grin)

I feel some sentiments that I’ve felt before
Like the old days, things I was willing to die for

But, now I feel older, even a bit brighter
If you would have smiled, I could have felt much lighter

Then I distort; become annoyed and numb
Nevertheless, I found out the truth and now I feel dumb

How selfish of me to not see
Miseries of your own that cause you to leave

Hating life for a moment, regretting so much
When I see you, I smile, but nothing else (not even a touch)

I’ve told you so many times
I’ve written you so many lines

You have been made, created, by the fearfully divine
You’re not stupid; you don’t live drunken off wine

But, you doubt, even your life
I know the feelings of living with your own strife

Like a fool, I look back to check the clock
Not to flirt, not to smile, just to talk

However, the time allows for no such smile
Maybe later we can talk for a while

I know there is nothing I can say or do
Most of the time you thank me for just listening to you

Well, I say, “that’s what friends are for”
Truly plagued by my ideals in store

Just know I care; the love I have is deep
If you need to climb that hill, I’ll help no matter how steep

posted by Jeff Watkins at 2:42 AM


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