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Friday, April 11, 2003

Sometimes I'm A Sentimental Sucka

I always think of things too late in the day. Thus, it is still Thursday to me, regardless of what the calendar may say. Today has been such a busy and stressful day. I have projects for computer class due tomorrow. I went to my exit loan interview this morning. It’s basically this thing where anyone who has ever taken out a loan at this college has to go and learn how in debt they really are. Basically, you just get a lot of information and fill out paper work. Why do I all of a sudden feel like people are watching me a lot closer?

Yesterday, I got my graduation announcements in the mail (100 count). It says: This is to announce Jeffery Glen Watkins will be graduating from the Baptist College of Florida. With a BA in Christian Counseling, May 16, 2003 stuff like that.

Last night I started filling out some of them. I got out my senior yearbook to see if I was spelling some names right (I’m going to send them to parents of friends I went to high school with too, hehe). When I started looking through it, I was reading some of the things people had to say about me and I thought it would be an interesting post to let everyone read how people perceived me and what people thought of me in high school:

Kendall Brown- “We have dated a few times, and those times will always be special to me, just like “Fallen” [our song]! But we have done so much other stuff too. Like, youth camp, Encore, church, just hanging out, and talking on the phone. I love to talk on the phone with you. (I like it in person, too). But we can talk on the phone for hours and hide the phone when our parents come in... Jeff, I know that one day, you will be the leader that I believe you can be.”

Nick Long- “Well buddy, it’s been a long road. We’ve been friends since all the way back in junior high. The good old days, playing basketball with Joe Foster! One of the highlights, though, of hanging out with you through the years would have to be buying the “I love Melbourne” shirt at Wal-Mart. Even though I’ve been busy with soccer, and you’ve been busy with chorus, we have remained good buds... Thanks for being such a great friend throughout the years, as well as the future!”

Elaine Martin- “No matter what you say, or anyone else for that matter, you are very talented in many ways. God has certainly smiled upon us all because he let our paths cross in our lives. So many wonderful things await you in your future. And I’m sure you will touch many more lives in the future in the same way you’ve touched our hearts.”

Alicia Miller- “I seriously miss hanging out with you... I’m glad we stayed friends all this time, even though you did dump my best friend (Tonya) after, what, two days!”

Danny Ahern- “Hey baby. Man, I guess it’s over. It’s so weird, you were my “dad” when I was in 7th grade [I was in 9th], and now you’re leaving your fatherly role again [I was graduating, he was in 10th].”

Nikki Special- “We have so many memories you and I, it seems like the past 3 years have been a lifetime. And the past 6 years, an eternity. I love you, a lot. You are such a talented, sweet and caring person... I want to thank you for being so accepting of me, and also so supportive. You don’t know how much it means.”

Nate Beagle- “You’ll always be my dawg and you’ll be the only minister I’ll go to see. I love you Jeff and don’t take that the wrong way.”

Angela Vislay- “We are graduating! We’ve come a long way since strip craps in Mr. Horde’s class. We are adults now—but that doesn’t mean that we act like it.”

Thomas Pedicini- “Watch out ladies, here they come, the Hawaiian 5-0 pimps [commenting on a picture Tom, Nick, Brian & I had taken of us; we had Hawaiian shirts on]. Anyways, it has been a great year, even though we have been distant lately. The boys will always be boys.”

Tara Howard- “I really will miss seeing your face everyday. You are a beautiful person and I’ll always love you” [we dated my senior year, now she’s married].

Robin Tallon- “We sure have had some fun times, in ya know, physics and all. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I know I can count on you for anything I need. I mean, you did volunteer at the Teen Zone and all with me! Jeff- you are such an awesome guy. Your friendship will never be forgotten.”

Sheila Marti- “...I had such a great time. That day and who but God himself would have known what a friendship would grow from that day. I made a great friend and the best escort to my locker for the rest of our sophomore year.”

Bryan Fazio- “We had some good times together. We have to add some more even after high school is over. You have been a good friend now for some years and I really had fun hanging out. Man, it’s been since junior high. Keep being a pimp and keep all your women happy, but if you have one too many, send um’ my way.”

Christina Burleson- “Jeffy, you rock! I have had so much fun with you in Encore and Concert Choir this year! I’m so lucky that I got to meet you and become friends with you! You are a beautiful person and an excellent singer... You will go far in life with your glowing personality. You are a true friend and I will never forget you as long as I live!”

It’s endearing to be loved, but it’s also nice to be unnoticed sometimes as well...

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:30 AM


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