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Friday, April 25, 2003

Senior Activities & Understanding Depravity

Wow, I’m pooped! It has been such a long day. Sorry for the lack of updates on my 1/4 of the blog. I started my day out by taking the senior exit exam. No worries here though, I couldn’t have failed it. You see, everyone who enrolls in school has to take it when they come in and then you have to take it when you graduate. Hopefully, you do better on the latter than the first. The test basically consisted of 130 multiple-choice questions about general education, theology, Bible, and a section of questions specifically devoted to your degree. So, I had a lot of psychology questions also. The point of the test is to show the administrators and professors of the school how well of a job they are doing. You can’t pass it or fail it, but if you don’t take it you don’t graduate. So, I made sure I was there. I can call after graduation to see what I made on it. Hopefully I did better this time around; otherwise it shows the skool that me gots more dumber.

Tonight, the graduating class of 2003 all joined together at Marcos Restaurant in Dothan, Alabama for our senior class banquet. I had plans to ask a member of the opposite gender, but that kind of fell through, so I went stag with my homey Sean Tanner. It was fun and there were a lot of good conversations going on at our table. It cost about $25.00 and there really wasn’t enough steak and shrimp for seconds. When I got mine, it was cold because we were the last table to go through the line. So, the money wasn’t worth it, but nevertheless, I had a good time. Toward the end of the evening, we began drawing names randomly for some prizes that they had for us. There were about 10 regular prizes and then one grand prize. Well, I bet you can’t guess whose name got drawn for the grand prize. Yep, that’s right, yours truly. I won a big stuffed dog with a cap and tassel on and a diploma in his mouth. Haha, it was funny and I was surprised that I won. Kind of awkward too, you know, caring around a big stuffed dog and all.

After the banquet was over, Sean and I walked over to the Karaoke room to see what was going on. As we walked in, some very drunk men were up movin’ and a shakin’. It was quite funny to say the least. Sean wanted to sing a song and kept persisting that I should do the same. I neglected on the notion. But, I thoroughly enjoyed his rendition of Billy Joel’s You Maybe Right. At one point, we realized that there were only guys in the room and the only women were the waitresses. Haha, we both looked at each other puzzled and asked “Do you think this is a gay karaoke bar?” Well, it wasn’t, but I have a better understanding of depravity now after spending 30 minutes there. Everybody, except us was drunk. And drunken old men, country music, and a microphone never mix. Overall, I’d have to say it was a pleasant evening…

“Lobby lines with stairs, rebuke the structure. A kiss on the hand, fades to Gods will. And i would kill to see your face..." Winter Kiss by Embodyment from the album The Narrow Scope of Things.

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