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Friday, April 04, 2003

Adventures In Prussia

Staring back at the clock
Waiting ‘til five o’clock

I look at you in the back of my class
My chance to finally say something at last

We’ve let days go by us
Never speaking to one another

We look to friends
To unite the introduction

We look to friends
They let us down

I pretend like I’m checking the time
I look at your shirt; the one that matches a lime

So sweet, a smile that means something else
Queasy feelings that make my heart melt

I try to play it cool
Just walk on by

If I play my cards right
I might get a “hi”

Oh, how my heart beats to talk to you
Maybe I should compliment you on your shoes

Why can’t we start talking?
Probably because you’d think I was stalking

I’d like to move beyond these limits
Where we’d walk with commitment and park without resentment

I’ve been a friend to girls before
I can try to do better or try something more

Don’t ask around about my previous faults
People could relate and explain without halt

I tell you this
To tell you the truth

I’ve messed up with a few
But, I’d like to try again with someone like you

There are so many girls who can turn my head
Physicality and superficiality always made me dead

So now I choose the one
Without any assertions undone

If she can catch my eye
I’ll cut it out, despite the time

Because I want a girl who thinks
Yes beauty is important, but glamour just stinks

I want to talk about music, faith, hope, and love
All and all, with you, this daydream could come true.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 1:37 AM


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