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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Exasperation(s) - Of This Sort

Today started off early, but fairly decent. I enjoyed most of the morning, until I took a drive to the local branch of my financial institute, Regions Bank. Let me just tell, I could start listing synonyms for the word "ex*as*per*ate" (note: this is not an exhaustive list):

1. Frustrated
2. Aggravated
3. Irritated
4. Annoyed
5. Infuriated
6. Bothered

Because when I got there, I was informed that I am now -$100’something dollars (in the hole, if you will). I wanted to write more, but I’m so discouraged right now, it’s overwhelming my valor...

"I'm looking through you, where did you go? I thought I knew you, what did I know? You don't look different, but you have changed. I'm looking through you. You're not the same." I'm Looking Through You by The Beatles from the album Rubber Soul.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:23 PM


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