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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The Truth Be Told

Look how consumed we are today
My room still smells like you haven’t gone away
Only escaping the dredge of sadness for a few
Over a bridge that reflects the sunset’s breathtaking view

Expression of feelings mixed with doubt
Sometimes I wonder how I will do without
New Year’s resolutions that only leave shame
I wouldn’t mind if you would let me take the blame

Can you believe how the time has past
Maybe you and I just moved too fast
From subtle smiles to simple gestures
Although it seems so long after all theses semesters

Writing relapses happen to me more quickly now
Why is it I can tell you’re mad by that wrinkle in your brow
I guess I’m getting old at my young age
The predictability with you and me is deep-layered rage

By the end, this will all be the same
Gosh, this definitely feels really lame
We are the only ones who know what this means
Allegorical and metaphorical lives set up these scenes

posted by Jeff Watkins at 11:07 PM


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