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Friday, January 10, 2003

Somebody Somewhere

I can't really write about what is troubling me, so I will post a poem that I wrote in 1996. I don’t know if I’ve posted it before, but it’s exactly how I feel. It's hard to believe that I would be feeling the same thing today, as I was feeling 7 years ago:

Somebody Somewhere

My soul seeks to find shelter from the storm.
A manic depressant looks forever,
not knowing what he is looking for
and not understanding anything he finds.
He knows his love is around somewhere
and he is as I am also seeking shelter from the storm.
He like me, as the same equal in many ways,
tries to find the one for him as I try to find the one for me.
Along the way we both find it.
Love comes and goes like days.
Hoping the next along the way will be the one.
Distracted by the opposites, we seize the day.
Confused as we are, we are walking in the dark.
Situations that come upon us must be handled in this manner:
I don’t know what love is.
All I know is when I am able to look at someone
even in the worst of times
and see a spark flare up like on the Forth of July, that’s love.
Life holds many days lonely for me.
I cannot be bothered by trivial matters.
I can only hope to find my love someday by me, and only me.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:20 PM


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