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Monday, January 20, 2003

I’m A Weenie

Due to our beloved school's schedule, today was the first day of the semester for all of us BCFers. While the rest of the university students all over America have been in school for a couple of weeks and have today off because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it was back to the grind for us. No worries though, we had a splendid time nonetheless. Today was a pretty fair day. The first day of school is always the best because all you have to do is get the syllabi. On a brighter note, the other day, I wrote a post about Unanswered Prayers. How ignorant! After I wrote that post, God taught me a thing or two. Why is me failing that one test and unanswered prayer? Because, it felt like God let me down or decided to hate me. I actually think that was meant to be a rhetorical question. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about being let down. I'm pretty sure I'm the one whose been letting God down. With my actions, words, thoughts, and my heart. Praise God for humbleness. None of which I have, but God is beginning to teach me humility. Romans 8:28 is such a hard verse to grasp. It's nice to say, yeah, God works things out for the good. But, when people are facing a tough time, it seems a little erroneous to proclaim that verse. Yet, in this time of discouragement for me, God taught me true, definite, and Godly goodness that only He could have taught. That He, in His sovereignty, is completely in control and there is a purpose for my, as it would be, failure. Ironically, I talked to my western civilization professor and he said I could direct study the class I was missing. So, if the administration sees fit, I can add that to me load, take twenty-one hours, and graduate in May. I'll probably never know why I have to go through all of this to graduate, but I'm not too worried about the trivial matters. I just want to get the heck out of here. Here’s my schedule:

Information Technology 301- Learning Office XP and Publisher
Theology 302- Doctrine: Christology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology
Psychology 402- The Art of Counseling
Old Testament 201- OT Study: Solomon to Micah
History 212- Western Civilization: 1700-Present
Psychology 421- Mental Disorders and Their Treatment
History 211 Direct Study- Ancient Near-1700

That's about it. Not much in this life to talk about. Honestly, I'm constantly humbled by God and continuously realizing how much of a big dork I am and how magnificent God is. I'm listening to Willie Nelson's Partners album right now. One Weenie Extra Value Meal coming up...

"Sleep with all the lights on. Your not so happy, you're not secure. Your dyin to look cute in your blue jeans. But you're plastic just like everyone, just like everyone. And that face you paint is pressed. Impressing most of us are permanent and I'd like to see you undone..." Swiss Army Romance, from the album Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 9:47 PM


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