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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Forever Is Not A Wish

Today has been a rather long day. My hopes for love and sensibility have ran far from my general direction. I think everyone reading this should listen to that song I posted earlier by the Stones because it is such a good song that describes how I feel and frankly because I've been listening to it all day. I'm studying to CLEP U.S. History 1 by Monday, so I've been reading a lot about the mistakes and the great things that make our country who we are. In case you haven't heard, I quit my job at Turner Research. Just a lot of things were happening and a phone call from my supervisor helped lead me to come to my decision to quit. I feel that’s what God wanted me to do, so now I'm trying to find me a new job. Pray for me as I venture on to find another one. I went to Goodwill today and picked up some new old vinyl (records). So, here are some that I've gotten as gifts and bought today and in the past month:

Neil Young -- Trans (one of the three experimental albums that got him sued by Geffen Records)
Billy Joel -- 52nd Street
Tina Turner -- Private Dancer (You know it, What's Love Got To Do With It)
Cheap Trick -- at Budokan
U2 -- The Unforgettable Fire
The Who -- Tommy
The Beach Boys -- M.I.U. Album
Willy Nelson -- Partners (which features a cover of The Beatles Something In The Way She Moves)
The Romantics -- In Heat
X -- Ain't Love Grand
Kansas -- Point of Know Return
Wang Chung -- Mosaic (which features the hit Everybody Have Fun Tonight)
Rush -- Permanent Waves
Santa Claus & The Fun Street Gang
Pete Townshend -- All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
Village People -- Cruisin' (includes Y.M.C.A.)
Frank Sinatra -- Sinatra Sings...of Love And Things
Peter Gabriel -- So (which features Sledgehammer)

Not too much else is happening. I'm going to get back to watching An Evening With Kevin Smith on DVD. Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to a show in Tallahassee, Florida to see Denison Marrs and AnBerlin. It'll be a good time. Take care...

"I play in my band and write a lot of songs about relationships and how mine went wrong. Maybe I'll meet that special girl along the way, then she'll break my heart and leave me crying." Giving Up On Love by The Ataris from End Is Forever

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