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Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, Joe...

This is in reference to Joe's comment.

Sometimes, when I write, I can say things like this means this or that means that. I can say, for instance, that I had a terrible day. Or, on the flip side, if I like a girl, I can write about how her qualities are endearing to me. You see. I can always write things that make sense and I'm comfortable admitting (the latter being the far more important security issue).

Then, there are times, like yesterday, when I cannot write the things I am thinking or I haven't any substantial thoughts that particular day, so I write vague and cryptic passages. The reason these feelings can't be expressed is because they are too personal or they are about somebody who too many people that read this will know about. That's the reasoning behind the cryptic post(s).

I suppose a third option would be that when I write cryptically, part of me is just trying to work through the thoughts, while doing it outside of my head. This is helpful, as I'm sure you know.

So, what does yesterday's post mean? Guess! Your choices include:

A). Girls
B). Spirituality
C). Job and work situations
D). The economic failure and middle-class status of life in Singapore

Good luck. When you finish, put your pencils down and sit quietly.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 4:12 PM


Blogger joe kennedy said...

E. All of the above.


But I can appreciate the randomness.

Today's verification word is:


4:45 PM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...

I did this for you, you boob! :)

8:31 PM  
Blogger joe kennedy said...

how sweet, sweetie!

12:41 AM  

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