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Thursday, December 08, 2005

On Zip Codes and Telescopes

In my chance to procrastinate some tonight, I come to a blank space with a cursor blinking in a time signature of 2/4. How relevant is this to my life? Much more than I can anticipate. My gaze focuses in and out like a telescope lens--just waiting to capture something not within the eyes view. How parallel is my life to that objective? Far more obvious than one would expect it to be. Distance measured in space and time is far more confusing than physics honors final exam essay questions. Yet, they are usually the same thing. Sensibility is measured. The rule, being without the answer key, is just another typed page in a printer tray. How does one go about measuring these quandaries contained within a self-limited container (such as a letter, test, or hand written note offering an apology)? Is it because it's me? Wait... too many questions don't offer enough answers or resolutions. To be the epitome of something more than the worst is oft the driving point is sales. To live without worrying about zip codes is err. If coerced to think that, without already knowing the summation of the story, one might go along in life unconcerned with anything less than previous intentions, one might just be way too foolish. Also, that one might die alone. Don't let me die alone. For living alone is hard enough.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 7:09 PM


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what the crap are you talking about?


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