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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Points and Non-Points

Points and Non-Points

I'm not going to review Songs for Silverman yet.
I sit here in the school's computer lab where new flat screen computers have just been installed.
A mellow guy was just asked by an uptight girl to "step outside" . They had something to discuss. That was embarrasing(for him) but fun and exciting(for me).
When I'm having to work with someone and I get mad I like to pretend I may have an asthma attack.
The gland on the left side of my jaw has been swollen for a few days.
We've almost got our apartment cleaned out.
65-70% of all we had will be donated, sold or thrown away.
We're keeping a meager 30-35% of our stuff.
Most of that is clothes and records.
And yet, the mom and grandma act as though we have such an incredible amount of stuff.
I insist it seems like a lot because we live in a 600 sq. ft. apartment.
I have 14 minutes to finish this post. That's when Donna gets out of class.
It's hard to be thankful when people are overbearing.
Then we'll go back to the apartment and finish loading her grandma's van up.
Her grandma thinks it absolutely necessary for us to leave our apartment spic-n-span.
I think the goal is to get our stuff out. I think to go to any lengths to clean would be to do the management a favor and I refuse to do that.
Afterall, by way of a loophole I never paid a deposit and thus, don't have one to get back.
7 minutes.
The mom wonders if they should go ahead and leave in the morning because the van will be full.
I think that's a good idea.
I like and appreciate them but would rather hang out under different circumstances.
Grandma is worried that if we overload the van a tire will blow out.
If we were hauling a hundred cement blocks I could understand.
Everything I loaded up was repositioned after I walked away.
If I hear "if ya'll could just move to Jackson" one more time I'll...grin and bear it.
Conversation runs incessant on if our car will be able to carry what remains. They think maybe to come back, and again it's a nice gesture, but an unnecessary one.
Somehow they can't see how empty the house has gotten.
Donna's gone overtime, so I have to wrap this up. She'll be here any second.
All in all, packing up has been fun.
Our getaway plan is really coming to life. That is, there's no turning back. That is, there's no way I'm unloading that van anywhere but Nashville.
I look forward to getting new things, like a new couch and dining table. On the other hand, grandma thinks it is unfit to live without this kind of furniture.
She worries for us that even for a short time we won't have them.
The only two people in Graceville that I'll really miss is Ms. Connie and her dog, Bushido.
I don't think my parents understand that we really are serious about leaving.
Well, they'll see.
I'm tired and I need to run.

Eradicate ya later,

posted by Chase at 2:44 PM


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