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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An Epic Adventure of CD Acquisition

An Epic Adventure of CD Acquisition-or-How I got my copy of Ben Folds' Songs for Silverman.

A few weeks ago I decided I wouldn't buy a new cd until we were settled in Nashville. It wasn't that I had been buying too many, actually my quarterly spending on music was at an all-time low. I had, however, already been anticipating the release of a select few albums. It was these that I had been looking forward to for three years or longer. When I decide something like this fast, even if it is needless, I stick to my guns. I was really going to follow through, I swear.

What happened was well, it was my birthday. The thought of breaking down and buying Ben Folds' latest had been etching itself into my brain. That day I desperately pleaded with Donna to let me. Her plan had actually been to let that be part of my birthday. Of course, she would have had it on the day except it wasn't due out for another few days. Her plan was to tell me in the card. But since I asked she went ahead and told me.

Monday we went to Wal-Mart with Ms. Connie and Rosie. We were picking up ingredients for a meal we would all share later. I asked Donna if I could go over to the entertainment section. I had convinced myself that I'd be able to talk a young punk into selling the album a day early. I wanted to do this for the sake of the music, but also because we've been conserving gasoline and the thought of making a trip just for a cd was one I couldn't stomach. Donna did not think it would be a good idea. We were, afterall, only to be there for a few minutes. I would not go aganist her wishes. I pouted and was depressed at the lost opportunity.

The story took a turn for the good yesterday afternoon. Ms. Connie had to make a trip to Chipley and she invited us along. Back in Wal-Mart I trotted off on my own. I made a mental note of the significance of the occassion. It felt special, indeed. I found it. Got my hands on it and looked it over. Anticipation built. I was greeted by my wife and our friend. We went to the checkout. Anticipation built. I wrote the check over so we could eat at McDonald's.

In the van I struggled to remove the cellophane. Soon I found myself eyeball to eyeball with the face of the compact disc. I took the liner notes out, flipped through, but mostly only looked at the pictures. I refused to read the lyrics before hearing the music. I refused to play the disc, as much as I wanted to, because in the past I've discovered that to introduce a person to someone they've not heard much of on the initial listen of an album is only bad news.

Back home. The moment had to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. Donna had to call her mom and she wanted to take a shower. I wanted everyone in the house to be in tune and ready when this great moment occured. No one could be left out. The wait seemed eternal, but soon enough we were comfortably sitting on the livingroom floor. First, we would watch the DVD documentary that came with the disc. This would build the anticipation and intensity just right. Then...

The moment of truth came. And wow. I heard though there's any other way to take it in. I wasn't disappointed. I'll say that much. I was pleased to finally live in this moment. I knew I'd like the music more once I knew the words. I knew this mission of learning all the words would be my next mission. I would pursue it fiercely...but until then...stay tuned for my review.

Thanks pal.

posted by Chase at 2:49 PM


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