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Friday, April 08, 2005

Like The Angels Said

My car is still sitting still. The problem is the starter. It's $200 bucks. I'm trying to see if the mechanic will attempt to find me one from a junk yard or something. Ebay maybe. I'm waiting. God will work it out, but for now, I just have to wait and try to bum rides to work. My car insurance and rent is due this month also. I need a break.

I found an old movie I used to own at Wal-Mart today. It's Orange County and I had it before my apartment was broken in to. It's not that old, but it was only $4.88. It's not like I should be spending any money at all. But, since I'm going to be stuck here without a car for a while, I might as well enjoy my time.

Yesterday at the school, two people from Education Station (my boss and another lady) were observing the tutors the elementary school. Of all their criticisms of me, they said I didn't give the kids enough tokens; that I was stingy. (Tokens are their reward for being good. They get to goto a "store" to buy things.) They also said that I didn't start on time, which is true. Haha. I never do. But it's hard to get all my kids from their classes downstairs to the room upstairs. Finally, they said I didn't have my kids in a semi-circle, which is their policy. Never have children behind you. I was not aware of this, but I can work on that. I'm sure I wasn't the best teacher to be evaluated, but I know I didn't do the worst. At least I'm doing good at that and school.

Alright, I need to write some essays for Ethics.

Don't roll your eyes, sweetie pie. Or something.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:57 PM


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