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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

900 Numbers Are For Rich People

There is a new Pope and I don't care. Good news though, in my own little self-centered little world, I am feeling better than yesterday.

Also, I need help. If you are currently or have recently served in a church, would you please answer these questions and mail to jeffyjeff[at]gmail[dot]com them to me as soon as possible. It's a class assignment. Thanks!

Your name and where you serve[d]

1. When did you first feel a call to be a [insert your ministry] and when did you confirm it?

2. How did you prepare for your call to the ministry (academic background)?

3. What is your understanding of a personal call to ministry?

4. What is your philosophy of ministry?

5. How big of an issue is it to continue in your education?

6. What are your met and unmet expectations of ministry?

7. Can you name the pluses and minuses of your ministry?

8. Do you feel that there is a specific call to your ministry?

9. What is the most challenging task you face in your ministry?

10. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your ministry?

11. What would you say is the most difficult topic to address in your ministry?

12. What is the hardest passage of Scripture or book of the Bible to teach?

13. How do you get the people in your ministry involved into the rest of the body of the church?

14. Do you have any advice for how to be an effective person in your ministry?

15. Can you give some suggestions for people who are training for your ministry?

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