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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bah... Nobility

Have you ever wanted to commit social suicide? I have. I don't mean to permanently end life itself. More like, to kill the ever-pending struggle to find nightly entertainment via your black book. I, likely, among many of my friends, only struggle with things that are visibly obvious to others. I let people in on the problems that are hindering my current situation. For example, I didn't have any problems letting people know my car wasn't working. But today, I was so frustrated with the influx of crap penetrating my happy-go-lucky stance that I just wanted to get away. I wanted to shut everyone out of my life. I didn't want to kill myself, just my name. Don't call me because I don't want to talk. I didn't want to tell anyone anything. I didn't want to explain why I'm so unsatisfied with myself today. Why my bills weren't getting paid. Why I can't pay my rent. Why I can't seem to find a girl. Why I can't have a decent time when I pursue my relationship with God. Why I can't stop eating fast food. Why I can't get my kids to listen to me at work. Why I can't do a lot of other things. It's a lot of this that contributed to my foul mood, but these are the only temporal things that my mind could spout off at this early hour. I'm not in so much of an optimistic mood to solve all of my problems right now. Perhaps that is another post. Erstwhile. Anyway, I just needed to vent tonight before I fell asleep. Thus.


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