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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Older I Get the Higher that Number Is...

In 3 days it will be 3 months that I've been married.
That's 1/4th of the way through what everyone says will be the hardest on us. I must say add that so far it's been easier than any 3 months beforehand. This despite some people's belief that arguments prior to marriage don't count. They say this is a whole different ball game. I agree. It's a much more enjoyable ball game. Granted, this is not the most significant milestone but I foresee that the strength with which we have faced particular trials during these months and the previous 3 years shows we can handle it, with God's help of course. Boo to the naysayers.

In 17 days it will be 24 years that I've been alive.
I've never really thought of age as an accomplishment. I'm still alive, which is good, but age doesn't really prove anything. At least not usually. When I say that you may think of an old wise man or woman and say well, look at them, their age proves something. The same thought went through my mind but then I thought, "what about my grandmother?" It's certainly not by her good graces that she's made it this long. She's diabetic but will willingly eat herself into a coma. I'm the same way. I mean, I'm not alive by my own efforts. I don't remember to take my inhaler unless I'm wheezing badly and happen to spot it. Age proves survival, if anything. You see an old person and you can know only one thing for certain: they stayed alive. My grandmother is great but it's not an 86-year heartbeat that proves this. Instead, it's what she's done with her life. From everything I can tell though most people who are old just happen to still be around. That's pretty much it. All that being said I'm looking forward to my birthday. I'm insisting the family join me at a La Bamba's in Dothan...and most of them aren't too canny for Mexican food. "It's my birthday, shut up and eat a taco!"

Today completes the first week of my newborn niece's life.

It was 3 days ago that I completed my last day at the bookstore.
What? Why? Well, three reasons. 1. We are leaving no later than May 13, thus have a lot of work to do in regards to getting packed up. 2. So that I would have time and opportunity to contact potential employers about potential jobs. And most importantly, 3. I was really starting to hate that job...not a reason to quit something...but as the situation grew worse I feared I would lose my mind, kill a few people and quit off the handle, totally ruining this as work experience on my resume. Thus, I put in my notice. Doubt me if you will but I know it was time for me to go. If I can't get a job soon enough I'll sell my organs...and if need be, God forbid, I'll sell all my records.

In 25 days* we will be moving out of our apartment.
Thank you God. I liken this to being carried away in a chariot to heaven. This place has been nothing short of full-on harassment for me and Donna for the past couple years. You have to move out at the month's end and we figure this way we will save some money on a half a month of bills. We have some friends we are going to let us occupy their guest house for the remainder of our stay in this wasteland.

*This asterik means that we may be moving out sooner than previously anticipated. That's right, we could be forced to move out in 6 days. This is due to the fact that our landlady and maintenance man think they can enter in when they feel like it. He came in yesterday and discovered a sink full of unwashed dishes and two bags of trash ready to be carried out. Oh my! I can't believe we'd let our house get in such terrible shape. Give me a break. Anyway, because they were supposed to come in last week but didn't (it was spotless then) they considered his re-entry to be a reinspection. Long story short, we got a notice last night for non-compliance which means unless the matter can be resolved we are to be out in 7 days. I spoke with her this morning on the matter. She said she will reinspect and if it is clean she will allow us the luxury of staying. All I want is the rest of April. I think we deserve that.

In 38 or fewer days we will be getting the heck out of Dodge.
38 days is to the end of Donna's semester. She will more than likely be able to take her finals early and if so we can leave in 31 days. In any case, the count down clock is winding down fast. I'm for sure excited, but not too anxious. Right now, I'm just enjoying the moment...or at least most of the moments.

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