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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mitch Died

Mitch Died.

My favorite comedian. Died. Two Weeks ago. And I just found out. I discovered this news rather inadvertently through a note posted on Ryan Adams' site.

There have been a lot of deaths recently. I suppose. When Johnnie Cochran died I commented to my fellow employee, "he was only in his sixeties." Ronnie said, "You can go at any time" and probably something about tomorrow isn't promised. And to this I said, "I know. I've had a lot of young friends die."

A lot of people have died recently but to me none of it was a big deal. I mean, the pope was old. Johnny Cash was old. And usually when celebrities die it's indirectly their fault. Mitch did drugs, yes, but would you believe he had been clean for ten years? That's right.

He died of a heart attack. Which could very likely be a result of his previous habit. But I don't care. This is more significant to me. I'd post a joke in his honor but this just ain't funny to me.

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