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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Wishing For Some Other Day

Today it seemed better
It was different, but okay
Not necessarily good
Not quite the same
Just enough tranquility to make it through the day

We once wrote a story
Both of our hands contributing
Inscribing so that we might live
And possibly find love
Neither of these are we now pursuing

Together it was more than a wish
We talked about what truth is
Now that I finally have it
I kind of would like to deny it
So maybe this pain in my stomach will go away

At one time I thought we could be
I held on tightly to that dream
It’s just that the casualties of life
Have been outnumbered by the victories of death
Here I am, still sitting alone, wondering what went wrong

It seems like a lot of my relationships
End up being desecrated
What’s worse is that I blamed myself
For stupid girls who couldn’t decide
They played me until it was the right time

Of course I share equal guiltiness
It’s just that I should have been smarter than this
A heart that used to love anyone
Has now been hardened and avoids talks of bliss
That’s all I have left to explain this emptiness

posted by Jeff Watkins at 11:49 AM


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