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Sunday, November 16, 2003

A Sunday Afternoon's Stuff

I'm sitting here, still in my pajama pants, trying to figure out all the stuff I've got to do today. I'm scraping together money to pay my gas bill, which isn't really that important. But, I have to keep it turned on to live here, thus the need to pay the bill. I need to go to Chipley to pay it, but my car is low on gas and I'm low on money. Maybe Mike is going and I can bum a ride from him?

Have you ever read something someone wrote? Something like, I wonder if he is thinking of me or if only he knew I was thinking about him? And, that person is the person you've been thinking about. Now you are wondering if you and that person were thinking about each other? Happened to me today.

My checking account is overdrawn something fierce now. I've got to make some money just to get it back over to the positive. Plus, I need an oil change and some gas money to drive home in two weeks for Thanksgiving. It looks like I'll be doing some temp manual labor this week. If you wanna donate, I would appreciate...

I think that is it. My breath stinks...

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"Think you caught me on the downslide, downturn. I was busy writing with a pen and paper. Thin dream. And all your plastic people with plastic hearts and smiles. They had the worst intentions all along, after all." Death Cab For Cutie, Pictures In An Exhibtion, from Something About Airplanes.

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