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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Jim Morrison Was My Favorite Door

Orchestrations give new meaning to the serenity deep down inside of my pathetic structure. I wasn't sure before where this life was leading. Now I'm pretty certain of my destiny. It's true, who ever holds it all together is better than I. But, what can I say? I'm just in denial.

Sing songs of sadness as long as you're alive. What's left to sing when you're dead? Nothing more than those repetitious verses of top 40 tunes that you can't get out of your head.

Socrates didn't play with Play-doh. I'm so lucky to have. It was more than dreams could reveal to me. Yet when I'm all alone, by myself, I think more of Plato.

Mo' money, mo' problems? Yeah, that’s how it be [is]. I guess that is why all those homeless folk are problem free?

Popularity in culture doesn't key you into the clues that you might be misunderstood in your steady style of living with your sleek lights and desired lionization complicated through iconic misrepresentation.

Reprobation. That's what I deserve. Prohibition. That was not a good idea. Reconciliation. That's making amends. Propitiation. That's something I never do.

This doesn't mean that I like you. I barely can stand to look at me. Is that alarming? Do I need your sympathy? I do not need what I cannot obtain. Or so I say. I've lived in ignorance for so long, arrogance just doesn't seem wrong. Arrogant about being ignorant? Now that's ideal for me.

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