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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Being Lazy is Only Fun When You're Living Off The Government

I haven't felt like blogging and I don't so much care to now. But I may as well.

I've been looking for employment. My mom asked how the search was going and I said, "still looking." She took a tone with me indicative of her suspicion that I haven't been looking.

Yeah, that would be pure genius. A married man who couldn't turn to his parents for any substantial financial help is just going to lay around like someone else is paying the bills. Or at least finding him a job.

My dad, on the other hand, asks if I'm just looking for church-related jobs. He says this as though he would smile favorably on that. Well, I've already answered this question. I've lost count how many times. I think it would be smarter to get a job and then get specific.

But what do I know?

At night we've been going through and compiling the best of my poetry for publication. We're almost done with this first step. I'll be submitting it in July. There are two publishers I am really interested in doing business with.

Tonight we're going to Centennial Park where the play movies for free. The main event this evening is Say Anything.

I've been laying around doing nothing for long enough. I need to get ready so I can go do more non-productive activity. Yeah, that's pure genius.

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