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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bed Sores from The Computer Chair

Bed Sores from The Computer Chair

We've been here 12 days. It was the 8th day before we had phone service. This is largely Bellsouth's responsibility. Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Midnight Phone-a-thon". Your t-shirts are in the mail. We haven't done a lot in the way of job hunting but we're going to kick that off full steam on Monday. Between tonight and tomorrow we will have our apartment completely decked out. On Thursday we leave for Eufaula where my family is gathering for its annual reunion. We'll get back sometime Sunday night.

My brain is froze up. Ctrl-Alt-Del isn't working. I'm going to have to shut down.

What a waste of your time.

posted by Chase at 4:40 PM


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