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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Tonight, I Will Sleep Alone.
But, Sleeping Alone Is Better--
Than Sleeping With Someone Who Hates You...

Yesterday and today, the hood and ghetto (my neighborhood) was subject to inspection and reexamination. My apartment had one thing wrong with it, but I now have another year’s lease. Although, I think I’m still planning on moving into Justin’s place, it's just nice to have an apartment to stay in if our plans change.

Last night I watched the movie A Mighty Wind. It’s a film by Christopher Guest, the creator of Best In Show and Waiting For Gufman. It’s a satirical look at folk music in America and of course, it was done in mocumentary fashion, like his other two films. If you like dry humor at all, you need to watch this movie (and the others for that matter). A Mighty Wind is not as funny as Best In Show, but equal to Waiting For Gufman. It’s worth watching if you need something to see while you eat your dinner. I can’t eat food and not watch TV, it’s weird. Do you guys have that problem?

I’ve been hanging out on campus today. It’s been fun. I talked to some new folk and that’s always interesting. It’s funny explaining constantly that even though I have graduated, I still live in this small town and I don’t have a job. I get weird looks, which is expected I suppose. Who knows what God’s got for me? Well, not me for one. And not you either. It's also funny to see people you used to be so close to and watch them start to fade from your memory. Sure, it's an ambigous thought, but it's true. I saw a few of those fade-awayers today. God help me to fade...

"Why you even care. Do you ever wonder why we met here? The time is 2:22 and I hope my wish comes true. And I think I'll know just when you do. And I hope I do. Maybe this is just what I need and maybe I'm wrong." The Juliana Theory, This Is Not A Love Song, from Understand The Is A Dream.

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