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Saturday, October 04, 2003

Only By The Grace of God Go I

I cannot express these feelings
Pushed aside by what my heart contends
Refraining from flaming down
Waving without you seeing me frown
Aspects of life that I have missed
Desired for a better standard of living
Chemically dependent on anything chance
This bitterness becoming my new romance
Awful tendencies to reveal my thoughts
Telling the truth to hurt my own case
Agencies looking to kill my freedom
Pleading insanity proves I am guilty
Stealing ideas from other people
Plagiarizing as a form of breathing
Ripping off their identity
Borrowing climatic moments to enjoy this
Recovered stolen pieces of bliss
Coping with pain for others
Every day growing a little more worried in this
Finished; my life is no more
It was once a shiny new star
On a blank board
I'm too tired to care

posted by Jeff Watkins at 12:18 AM


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