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Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's a Vice

That's what I proclaim when I explain to people that, even at twenty five, I still enjoy watching wrestling. Truthfully, it's almost embarrassing at times. I mean, I pride myself on trying to be cool. And when that doesn't work, I still try to remain somewhat intelligent and refined. However, admitting that I enjoy watching big sweaty men who grapple with each other kind of throws off all the good qualities I sometimes demonstrate. Anyway, tonight I get to watch the Superbowl of wrestling entertainment, Wrestlemania 22. It costs $50 on Pay Per View and I have only got to see it live a couple of other times. But I've seen every other year, since its inception. It's indescribable. You just have to see it to believe it. I'm watching it with a friend from work and some of his buddies. In case you are curious at the history on the twenty two year old event, you can gohere for a well-storied documentation of the history. I watched my first event (Wrestlemania 1) in 1986 and I've forever been a fan. See, it's more nostalgia than actual interest. Although, I still am a little interested.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 5:15 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I pride myself on trying to be cool."



7:21 PM  
Blogger Jeff Watkins said...

You know? Cool.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

So yeah, I give you a hard time about the Wrestle Smackdown Mahem nonsense, but let's be honest...even Julia Child loved beer and oreos.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Tara said...

No shame, Jeff, no shame. I watch, and I'm a girl- that's much harder to come to terms with. And you've used your power for good...I know my husband is eternally grateful to you for planting that first wrestling seed.

7:13 AM  

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