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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Tuesday You Told Me How To Tell If I Were Too Nice

I'm sorry that my lack of input recently can be made up for by posting random, unpurposefully selected "OLD" poetry and stupid quips about transgender wishes. I've mostly been spending time with my job, although I have been out with some friends here recently. But, majority of my efforts have been put toward the item in this picture. My Mom won a 60 GB video Ipod from her employer and she gave it to me for Christmas (plus the digital camera I paid 100 bucks on). It's really cool, but a big hassle as well. I've been ripping the 200 - 300 CDs I have on to my laptop and this is taking forever. I'm on the letter "L" now. And I still only have a good 6 GB filled. This is a good problem, I know. Nevertheless, still a hassle. It is sweet. There doesn't seem to be any free software to convert video files to the proper Ipod file. The cheapest I've seen is $29.99. While watching a movie on an Ipod doesn't seem to be the greatest feat one could accomplish, it sure is cool carrying only an Ipod with several movies and all your CDs on it.

In other exciting announcements, the great show, American Idol, premiers tonight. I started watching it last year at this time and I love it. While I still have many negative thoughts about it, it's quite the fabulous time had when I view it. Although, the show has got me missing New Orleans, because after all, that is the first place I watched it.

Which brings me to my next thought. I might not go back to the City. I still could. But, I've become enamored with the idea of going some place else or even starting a different graduate program all together. I don't know. Would anyone going back miss me? I think Katrina washed away more than just some of my property.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 6:13 PM


Blogger joe kennedy said...

You better the hell come back, you son of a...

I mean...

You need to come back. Who else will keep me in line? Of course you'd be missed. If you don't come back, who's gonna make sure I don't start acting all hard like I'm Godz Thug?

10:14 PM  
Blogger joe kennedy said...

oh, and if you splurge, quicktime pro will convert mpeg and mov files to m4a or whatever that format is...

plus you can save those embedded qt videos that you see in websites...

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Louisville is nice. You should consider Southern. ;-) No, I'm serious. That would be so cool.


7:02 AM  
Blogger Christie said...

american idol, my guilty secret.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Justin McLeod said...

Congrats on the Ipod. Those things are great.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Freezer said...

i bought a nano like three weeks before the video ipod came out. i was very upset. for $70 more than i paid i could've had 30 gigs instead of 6 and videos. so i'm totally jealous of you.

9:31 PM  
Blogger notreallycreative said...

I think it would be great for you to start something new. I have decided New Orleans, nor seminary, are right for me for now in my life. So, I am starting a new program as well. This could be just the thing for you.

1:45 PM  

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