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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

On Transposing

Don't just not call or write
Because we had a stupid fight

It's the morning after
And I'm mourning...
Today there is no laughter

Hey, though I am lame
I wasn't trying to play a game

All my reservations
Were important and right
They were there to keep us in the line of sight

But I did something
I knew that it was devastating
The damage that has been done is beyond estimating

I need to say sorry
I owe you big
If there's any way, can you please forgive?

There are so many things I want to say
But I have so little time left in my day

I sincerely loved you
I really did care
Dumb stuff didn't matter (like the length of your hair)

But at the cost of the rubble that remains under my feet
I guess we were too uncertain of where our lives would meet

I considered you one of my best friends
I deeply enjoyed sharing my life with you
Are friends supposed to have this kind of view?

Vulnerability is only an estimation of where we were
Our lives transparent was where the problem occurred

As fun as talking about running away was
It was certainly improbable
Heck, you and me was probably impossible

We were much too different
This wasn't our intent

Respective lines were crossed
East and west
But if I had to say it,
You were one of the best

I was tired of the friends I had
And I enjoyed talking until two
I cherished getting to know you

Boundaries are good and flirting is bad
So many things were detrimental to the relationship we had

Genuine sincerity for a love so pure
As I now look up to this grey and hazy sky
I'm sorry I wasn't able to be that guy

posted by Jeff Watkins at 5:41 PM


Anonymous -a. said...

what in the world . . . ?

3:34 PM  
Anonymous ~*mickie*~ said...

i don't know who inspired that but... dang. i can totally identify... especially the 1st to last stanza. wow. you amaze me, jeff...

10:23 PM  

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