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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Everyday, Waking Up Next To Your Boyfriend's Crack Pipe

It's like,
I have the answers
To all of your questions
But I'm no help;
You're still in the same old routines.
I love you,
But right now
I hate the things you're doing.
You and I have had a past.
Me and You should have never lasted.
But here we are on the phone,
And you're waiting for me to condone
All the mistakes you've made these past three months-
Relationships that have gone bust.
And now, with your lines drawn white
You want,
You need,
Everything to be alright.
But life isn't that easy
And though I've had sleazier moments
This could top them all.
Yet I try so hard
To get you to see
That this kind of self-depreciating behavior
Isn't what anyone means
When they say,
Liberty is free.
Your choices are yours.
I'm not here to judge.
Character makes martyrs for those who indulge.
Get away,
Flee the scene
Apathy is a crime and you can plainly see.
Please fix this mess
Help yourself resist,
Don't confuse love for crime
Or when he says he'll make up the time.
Staying out with strippers and gangsters
Is fine for a bachelor
But not when your talking about settling down.
I don't know his angle
Maybe you don't have a scheme
But I don't want to read your obituary
In the state-news magazine.
Surviving life isn't hard
You just can't be so foolish.
Please, get help with your life
Before it's no longer worth living.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 10:41 PM


Anonymous Mickie said...

wow. just wow. really amazing, touching stuff. sorry you know someone going thru something so rough... best of luck to her, and to you as her friend...

8:29 PM  

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