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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Car [Thrice]

One more time.

I went to pick up my car on Wednesday. I paid $433 dollars even. I got excited about the prospect of driving my repaired car home. I start it up. I put the faceplate of my CD player on the deck. I get ready to leave. I realize that the car died! I tell the nice auto mechanic and he plays with something under the hood. I get ready to leave. I think, "Everything is fine." I start to drive home. I continue driving and it dies again. I pull off the side of the road. I start it back up. I start driving again. I think, "This is crazy." I am not crazy. It died again. I get it back to the shop. I wait.

I am exhausted.

UPDATE: I got my car back today. It seems to be working. I made it home.

posted by Jeff Watkins at 3:29 PM


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